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Cat Pooping Outside Littertray

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Hi guys,

You've all probably heard this problem before, and I'm sorry, but I just had to post it again. My 2-3yr old neutered cat has recently started pooping just outside his littertray (roughly at a 20-30cm distance). His tray consists of absorbant crystals (replaced every 3 weeks), which were a little saturated at the time and blamed this as the cause. However, even with a dry littertray he still occastionally poops just outside.

I complied a list of possible causes:
-saturated crystals, as mentioned above
-littertray too close to wall and restricting cats' movement
-not enough privacy (sited in a empty, quite garage)

Taking the list into consideration I made the appropiate amendments such as, moving the littertray away from the wall and relocating to a sheltered site; this caused the cat to poop in the original site but pee in new site
He always pees in his littertray but occationally poops just outside it. I can't figure it out.
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Has the cat been checked over by a vet? Have you tried different types of litter?
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Any change in litter behaviour is a signal for me to see a vet. He may have a urinary infection or anal gland problem.
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Thanks for the replies.

His stools are solid and non odourous, and he doesn't seem to have a problem with his littergrains as he has used them since we got him (3 months ago). However, he is going to the vets for a suspected eye infection which only became evident today (slight yellow discharge, but not weeping).

Could this be the cause for his behaviour? If so, I feel really bad as he's been pooping outside occasionally for about a month now I noticed his left eye slighty wouldn't open as fully as his other - but was still open and clear. I didn't think anything of it as his eye seemed normal and it's only today that his appearance changed. Oh no!!
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He may be one of those cats that wants to poop in a different box.

My cats seem to pick one box for the pee and one for the poops (and two others get mixed use, LOL.)

I've seen a cat jump in one box, start to scratch, then jump out and go into the one next to it.

You might try getting a second box, and you may also want to try a different type of litter.
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He's going to the vets tomorrow (earliest I could get) and hopefully it will clear up his behaviour. However, I did wonder if another litter tray would work for his poops...I guess I'll have to see when his eye infection clears up
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Bijou and Mika prefer to pee and poo in two different boxes. Unfortunately for me, they choose the box in our bedroom for the poo and the one in daughter's bedroom for the pee.
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try 2-3 litter boxes in different places and with different litter types in each one.

also if trays are older than 6months replace them - the odour of the trays might put off the cat

cats generally like privacy when taking a dump too.
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You might also try making the second tray a longer one--I use an under-the-bed plastic box for my boys. Some cats will walk forward a little while pooping, and this could result in the feces ending up next to the box instead of in it.
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Well, Figo went to vet on Sunday and diagnosed with a suspected Clamidia eye infection and given antibiotics to take over the next 10 days - already his eye is clearing up and seems alot more comfortable

I brought another littertray (filled with same brand littercrystals) and placed it in his usual naughty poop spot - 30 cm away from the other tray. Last night he pooped in the new tray but also urinated in it too I thought he wanted to keep his business separated!?!
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Every cat has their own ideas. I've heard of a pair of cats who would both use one tray for pooping and the other for peeing. Mine two do both in both boxes. Sometimes, they just want options.
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