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What do you miss about your RB kitties?

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Well last Friday was 6 months since Jasmine got killed. And for a while i was ok, but i've just got another big wave of missing her. Yesterday Tristans mum gave me a box i think from the vet. It's flat and square, it has paw/fish/round shaped holes and a jingly toy in it, so you're meant to lay it on the ground and kitty can stick his/her paw in the various holes and play. As soon as Charlie heard the toy he didn't like it. And mum and i were both thinking that Jazzy would have loved it and possibly ripped it to shreds.

Don't get me wrong, i love Charlie. He's still a kitten in a way, he's cute and crazy and loving. But we had Jazzy for such a short time and she was so outgoing and crazy and always full of energy, she did the cutest things and i miss that. She used to tear into the Christmas tree and pull decorations off. She would flip under the couch onto her back and get this wild look in her eyes, and no matter how much she was clawing and chewing away, she'd stop as soon as you tickle her tummy and she wouldn't bite.

She was the first ever calico we'd ever had, she had the most beautiful meow, which i'm starting to forget now, and the brightest beautiful eyes. I can't stop thinking that she was staring at me the whole time while she was dying, i don't even know when it actually happened but i held her for over an hour on the couch.

I'm missing her alot, we came here 16 months ago with two cats and now we leave with one. We don't even know if we'll ever get another now that Charlie is indoor and he is scared of alot of things.

I just wondered for those who recently lost a beloved kitty, how you are coping.

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I went to the pet store earlier to grab some cat food and some supplies for the fish tanks. In the store, waiting to be picked up and given a good home, was small black female cat. She's beautiful. She has these large bright eyes and was very active and playful, quite the energetic little ball of fluff. I wish so much that I had room here to bring her home but it's a a bit crowded keeping living with three cats in a one bedroom apartment. I hope that doesn't sound selfish at all, if I had a house I would have seriously considered bringing her home tonight.

My RB kitty, Midnight, was also a black cat with a beautiful coat that was very soft. I miss stroking her and giving her scritches. She would purr loudly every time she was touched and would sleep against my side all night long. She was a loving little girl that never wanted to be ina different room than I was in. I miss our "conversations". I would talk to her and she would answer every time I asked her something. I miss her terribly and think about her every day.

I love my other cats as much as I love her. The "kittens", Shadow and Midnight all have unique personalities. Shadow is more laid back and reserved. Charlotte is talkative and has a bit of wild streak in her. She's also not shy about letting me know what she wants. She'll climb on my chest to be held when I'm sitting and she'll climb onto my chest to fall asleep if I'm lying on my back. Everest also has a bit of a wild streak and is very chatty but he's more aloof than his sister and older "brother".

I see a little bit of Midnight in Charlotte but the memories of Midnight are probably the biggest reason why I don't think I can bring in another female black kitty, at least not for a long time yet.
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This past month (October) was when we lost Spooky last year. I was sad missing him and his talking and wavy fur; but know he's happy playing at Rainbow Bridge. I have his prof show picture in the library when he was at his prime He was my best show cat.
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We lost Abby two years ago now... I'm still upset over it. What I miss most was the constant purring. She never, ever stopped purring.

How do I cope? I come here. I share with others who have loved and lost.

Most of all?

Every night, I kiss each of my babies goodnight and tell them how much I love them. Because I've learned that one never really knows when it's the last chance to say those words.
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I lost two babies two months ago and now I have one dying of FIP. Its gonna be so hard w/o them...
Try to remember all the good times you had with them and remember you'll see them again someday
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My first cat was named Stanley. He was a American Shorthair Silver Tabby kitty I got at the humane society. He was 5 months when I adopted him.

He was never a very affectionate kitty, but he was the cutest little thing there was. He had that adorable little shy meow. After a while, he began to realize how cute he was and really abused it... he constantly begged for people food. And we could never refuse.
He also had the most beautiful and softest fur ever.

Unfortunately, he had a heart condition and died shortly after his second birthday.

I really wish I could hear his little meow again.
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Well, Luna (et al) is/are my first cats, so I don't have any RB kitties and hopefully not for a long time.

My last pets that I had were guinea pigs; mother and daughter. I stop by the guinea pig section at the pet store just to visit and remember. They always put a smile on my face

Also, even though I don't support Puppy Mills, I do like to find the Springer Spaniels at those pet stores. Our family dog was a Springer Spaniel that all of us still miss after 10 years. She was the best dog.
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I miss Buddy greeting me when I walk into a room. I miss 'circle of love' with him.

I know he is happier and healthier now. The 6 other cats always picked on him. He was abused by his former owner's boyfriend. Now he isn't being picked on and is with his first owner.
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Well my first cat, which was not even suppoed to be my cat but i got stuck with her cause she hated my gf. so i went though a huge learning cruve about cats. she was a all black cat i named Morgen le Fay.

She had the most Personality of any cat i have seen or had since.
hehe what i remember most of her is how she would go though hell and highwater to steal rubber bands and ballons, She even learned to unzip a women bag, more then once i saw her do that. At times i felt like i we were having a a conversation with her the way she would meow to my talking to her, I miss her alot.

This i was not a recent thing, but i still think about her sometimes, and now its a good feeling.
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My mom's cat, duchess, passed away the day after thanksgiving and a day before my birthday 2 years ago. Needless to say, it was a terrible birthday. I miss how she would always look after us when we were sick, no matter how sick she was. She was really smart and always seemed in tune with our feelings. She was my only support when my parents were a way for weeks at a time and I needed someone, anyone to talk to. I also miss her sleeping with me at night. I will never forget her because there will never be another one like her. She was a royal and graceful as her name implied. She is still missed to this day.
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I miss her running to see me whenever I came home to my parents. I was the only person she ever loved to see. He passed away in Apirl and I just had my second wave of missing her.
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Sugarly has been gone for a year and a half now. I still miss her.

She was our dainty little princess. She had the tiniest paws of any full grown cat I have ever seen. She was a klutz. I have never seen another cat get stuck with front legs on the table and back legs on the couch and not know how to get down. She was a snuggler and a little love bug.
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I didnt have Peek long but I really miss cuddling in bed with him. None of the kitties are allowed in my room but I let him in there and it was nice to have a furry body to cuddle with.
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Well, what I miss about Kitt, who I had right before my two now is the way she always watched JUDGE JUDY with me, no other show, just JJ,, and the feel of her fur. She had the softest fur.
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I miss Minx (2002) and Jasper T. Wildcat (2005). They were my nighttime cuddlers and slept with me. I sometimes dream about them walking up the sidewalk.

Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
Well my first cat, which was not even suppoed to be my cat but i got stuck with her cause she hated my gf. so i went though a huge learning cruve about cats. she was a all black cat i named Morgen le Fay.
I had a black kitten named Morgan Le Fay, too. Born when my high school was producing Camelot.
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Dragonia, I know exactly what your talking about when you said Jazzy staring at you after she was hit! I felt that way whenever Scream dissappeared, and now GiGi, of course I have had the worst thoughts go through my mind, that the coyotes got them and tore them apart (sorry my own torturious thoughts) and ate them! I could see their little faces if I could find their bodies, they would have their eyes open and I'm sorry,that I wasn't there to help them when they needed me most That just really gets to me! So I have to come here and get some encouraging words and pleasant thoughts, so I don't think about that anymore!heartbroken!! I miss knowing I won't get to see them, now, I know I will later but I wasn't ready to not see them again!
Both of them weren't but a yr. old and they both had the same personalities,
full of life, bouncing around, keeping the older ones on there toes. chasing etc. I'm missing touching them and talking to them, Scream was exactly that she was a screamer, I miss her deeply, gone a yr. and a half. and G , I still can't believe she's gone, she's missing, 3 wks. she might not be dead, but it feels the same! She was my Git-zee! I had a specail talk voice for her and I miss not getting to do that ! Just miss everything! So Sad!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm gonna make this short and sweet so I don't get too upset.

I miss EVERYTHING about Tab

RIP baby
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It's been 7 1/2 years since I lost my soul-mate kitty, Spooky. Even though I love Cleo, Maggie and Lola to pieces, I still miss the special bond that I had with Spooky. She was a feral kitten that I rescued from a snowbank. We bonded so completely. She used to follow me everywhere I went, and loved to be with me. If I was sitting, she had to be in my lap, if I was in bed, she had to be beside my pillow. She was very talkative and would hold long conversations with me when I came home from work...she liked to tell me about her day in detail! I especially miss the way she'd lick my hand or arm at night when we were in bed. She would lick for hours if I would let her, gently purring all night long. I could go on for hours about everything I miss about her. Even though it's been a long time, the pain of losing her is still there....the rawness has lessened, but the missing her is something that will always remain.
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With my siamese, I miss the morning conversations at the breakfast nook.

B.C., by first tuxedo cat, I miss arguing with him about where I could, and could not put my feet in my own bed.
He'd always get in a huff and run off with a hiss and a grumble, and be back 5 minutes later to repeat the whole thing.
He liked being between my feet, and under the covers, but if I so much as twitched, he wasn't at all nice about it. I missed a lot of sleep with that cat, and I miss it terribly.
I also miss the fact that Spaz no longer has her soul mate.
She's coming up on 14 now and B.C. was the only cat she ever bonded with and he's been gone 7 years now.
She gets along fine with other cats, but she and B.C. were almost attached at the hip.
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Woody was the first cat I ever lost. He was also my "soul mate" kitty, and we shared a very special bond.

I miss how he always ran to greet me when I walked in the door. His favorite thing to do as a kitten when I came home was to climb up my leg, up to my shoulder, and give me a head butt and then ride around on my shoulder everywhere I went.
Even when he was too big for that, he always ran to greet me and give headbutts.
I miss how he used to sleep snuggled up next to my neck every night. I miss how he used to sit and watch the birds and "talk" to them.

I miss my other kitties too, I especially think about Oliver Felix a lot. I miss his little crooked foot always reaching out to "pet" me back.
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I miss the conversations. Those special little noises that were only for me. That loving gaze.....
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Shalimar, my RB kitty had the best tail! She was a Maine Coon so her tail was fluffy. I used to run my hand over it all the time. Also, she used to meet me at the door to be picked up and cuddled so she could give me kisses on my nose. Neither of my boys have learned to kiss and they hate being picked up!
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There is so much I miss of Tucson .... He was a beautiful boy.

I made a little video for Tucson.
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Wow, thank you for all your replies guys. I know it's a very sad subject, but i'm glad you all are sharing your wonderful memories
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