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Help me decide please

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I have a chance to travel to Malaysia all expenses paid with even an allowance for shopping. The problem is I do not like my traveling companions. If you were in my shoes would you go?
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are they really that awful, Is it possible, to put your feelings a side, and enjoy yourself?
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I think, for me, it would depend on how much of the time I would need to be in their company. If it were pretty constant, I really needed to interact with them, I might regretfully give it a miss. But if there would be significant time when I at least would not need to interact with them, then the attraction might be sufficient. I'm not sure where the dividing line wouldbe between the two extremes...

Don't know how helpful that is...
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Hmmm... how long is the trip?
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It would depend on how much time you had to spend with them vs free time. If its more free time, then I'd go for it. You may not get another chance to visit a foreign country - take advantage of it
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Nope, i would not. Travel can be a pain in the butt.
and is made worse by going with someone you cant stand.
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Oh no it definately has to be with people/s you can stand! Remember you will be away from home without your usual comforts, and if they drive you mental you will be wanting to throttle them.
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If they're the kind of people to whom you could say, "Please, can we just not talk?" then I'd go for it! If not... well, Malaysia wasn't that high on my list of places to visit, anyway.
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Perchance you will be in Kuala Lumpur where Abymummy lives?
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I was in your position my senior year. I went to Ocean City with my boyfriends family. and about 3 months before myself, his sister, and her friend had a big fight about something completely stupid. It was from some little :censored: trying to tear me and Gary apart and just start drama. And of course Jamie (garys sister) took her best friend, and I was dreading it. Determined it was going to be a horrible week! But I ended up having so much fun and have a lot of great memories. So if its a trip of a lifetime why not try and go, unless you just honestly despise the people. You will probably still end up having a great time! And how knows, maybe you will get to know one or 2 of them on a new level and maybe see you dont dislike them as much as you thought! Good luck!
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First of all, who are you going with (family, co-workers....?) and are they paying for it or someone else? Second, why don't you like them? Third, do you have to spend all your time with them, or will you have time to be by yourself?

Honestly, I would say go for it, regardless of your answers. Experiencing another culture is incredible and this could be a once in a life time experience. I'm sure there will be times you could fake a headache, and do your own thing. And, who knows, you may actually have a good time!

If you decide not to go, can I go????
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I'd go, and take several books that I could enjoy while being "anti-social" when forced to spend time with people I didn't really like. Experiencing a new culture usually makes up for having to put up with unpleasant traveling companions, whom you can "freeze out", at least in your mind.

And who knows - maybe you'll experience a different side of them, and have a great time.
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Thank you everyone!
I love traveling preferably by myself. It's the best way to learn and experience new things. My companions in this trip only like to shop, eat, shop, sleep, shop. If they go on a tour, they do not pay attention to anything except to look for bargains in the nearest market. They end up with overweight luggage so whatever they saved in shopping sales go to the airport fees. They know I am not like them so they probably included me so I can be their mule to carry their shopping load.
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Originally Posted by yayi View Post
so I can be their mule to carry their shopping load.
lol if i could get to photobucket, i could show you, the last trip to thailand i made with the wife, I told her next time just hire a mule, as i am not carrying that much stuff again...

Not kidding she got so much stuff that she had to ship some of home,
and we left open in the airport, lol i put a sign on it, that said free to a good home
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It occurred to me, Yayi, that you could say to them beforehand something like "I know you guys love to shop and stuff -- I hope you won't mind if I leave you to do that while I go and see the sights." Their reaction to that will tell you all you need to know about whether it will be a sufficiently congenial atmosphere if you do what you prefer -- and if it's clear that that won't really be possible, then probably best to give it a miss.
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