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Reagan and Baloo

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I'm introducing slowly, for obvious reasons. DH doesn't like it, but I'd rather have everybody getting along, if possible!

Reagan *really* wanted into the office to meet the handsome boy, and this is what happened:

Baloo growled a little bit, but with him, that doesn't mean anything. He does it when he's happy, too, and there was no sign of aggression. Reagan just thinks he smells funny!

Sorry the pictures aren't very high quality... The camera we got isn't the best, but it's enough to get a picture or two online for now!
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It is better to take it slow...I know it's hard you just want everyone to get along NOW but that's normal to feel that way...everything will be okay...Good luck with the intros...Have you tried the vanilla trick yet...where you put vanilla on the base of their tail(on top) and under their chin then they will smell similar! Can't wait to see more pics
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Bella, I think DH is seeing that it's better. Whisper and Molly aren't getting along, but early on, our options were either to get clawed to death by a feral cat, or to lock *both* Whisper and Reagan up, and listen to them constantly cry to be let out and into our bed. We were kind of stuck there, unfortunately (poor planning). We're going slower with Baloo, and then we're going to get Molly in here and re-intro her, I think.

I haven't tried the vanilla yet. I've seen references to it, but never gathered quite enough information. What kind of vanilla does it need to be? Extract? Oil? Or am I being too particular and can I use the same stuff we do for cooking?

Reagan's pretty easygoing, by the way. Baloo only got a little annoyed when she felt the need to show off who's boss by eating from his food dish. Reagan and Whisper are still arguing over who gets to be Alpha in the house But Baloo is a Gamma personality, so I'm hoping all works out. Whisper really is too, but he doesn't like to be reminded of it!
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Use the vanilla for baking ...The extract..it smelled so good in the house like I just baked sugar cookies
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Looks like a very handsome duo and thanks for sharing their pix with us. Thanks even more for adopting another deserving cat!!!
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Baloo *may* have a home. We're not advertising "found kitty" because as far as we're concerned, letting him out unaltered is irresponsible. If somebody comes to claim him, we're going to have a *long* talk though. And honestly? We don't want to give him back

P.S. Oh! We have COOKIE KITTIES! heh!
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Very cute kitties!
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