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27 hours..

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27 hours of darkness is over..we had a windstorm with winds of 80 mph..me and my OH were just betting on which tree would land on our house first. the blackout was spread over the whole county and up north into canada as far as i've heard. the tv and internet just came up ten minutes ago so i'm not really informed of the damage it's caused elsewhere. many things in the fridge went bad. no heat..kitty and i curled up under a blanket together for warmth which worked quite well. all the candles burned out during the night and my flashlight went dead. anyway, i am SO happy the electricity is back on.
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I know how you feel! I went through Hurricane Rita, and we were w/o power for 5 days - and the temps were over 100! It was horrible, not having any a/c in that sweltering heat, and not being able to take a shower or use the bathroom. But I suppose it could have been worse: there were others who went w/o power & running water for over a month..

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You got what I was expecting. We usually lose power if the wind blows hard (even with the sun out!), and I was fully prepared to be out of power for most of yesterday (live between Tacoma and Auburn).

Enjoy having heat and electric back!
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