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Itchy Kitten...need advice/opinions please!

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My newest addition, Olive is now 11 weeks old. A few days after I brought her home I noticed that she was scratching herself. Now the scratching has turned more to chewing. Her beautiful long hair is constantly wet from all the chewing. What could be causing this?
The symptoms started before any vaccinations so I don't think it could be a vaccine reaction.
She is fed a raw type diet. Instincts TC Kitten Formula http://www.felinefuture.com/
So far I have only been making her raw with ground turkey. I would be shocked if this is the culprit...but at this point I just don't know.
She has been bathed a few times since she has been here. Once when she first got here and I checked for fleas...her skin looks healthy. No rashes, just nice clear kitten skin.
What is making this little girlie so itchy?
I have a vet appt. scheduled next Monday for the rest of her shots so I will definitely be asking about it, but I was wondering if anyone here could lead me to some answers.
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I would stop bathing the kitten. Whatever is being used in the washing may be causing a bad reaction, and even if it isn't the soap/shampoo itself, the process of washing may be stripping oils and upsetting the natural balance of the skin and hair. I'd let the kitten bathe herself exclusively... cats are quite good at that, and there's no need to wash them.

Once that's out of the way, if the problem persists, the vet may want to try allergy food for 8 weeks to see if a food allergy is responsible.
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Thanks for the reply emmylou!

I have used 3 different shampoos, but what you said makes sense. Funny thing is that the last shampoo I tried is made by EQyss and it "guaranteed" to stop the itching! Maybe I should send them a complaint email!
I have bathed her so many times only 'cuz she sleeps with the dog a lot and while I don't mind my dog smelling like a dog it drives me nuts that my cat smells like a dog!
Anyway...I will stop smelling her and stop the baths! Thanks!
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what meat is the raw??? what type of raw ?? ie just meat bone and organ or a multiple meat organ bone veggie???

Yeah stop the baths

OPPPSS sometimes I cant read

Turkey is close to chicken and can be a allergen you may want to try beef , lamb or venison and see if red meat works better... beef would be my first thought
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Bathing can also cause the skin to dry out, if it's done too frequently. If the shampoo you're using has a skin conditioner, then that should help to alleviate that particular problem, but it's still a possibility.

Also, with the winter months come drier air. It's possible that her skin could be getting dry that way, too. I've noticed that Reagan seems to react more to the dry air than the other cats do, and she doesn't have any strange skin conditions.
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This happened with my boy.
It turned out it was a combo of seasonal and food allergies.

I would take kitty to the vet just for a consult and a check up (skin and urine tests) and I would highly reccomend getting a Feliway diffuser.
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Hmm, I wonder if maybe the kitten thinks she smells funny (either because of the shampoo or because of the dog) and is cleaning herself more because of it. Some cats are extra fastidious.

Excessive grooming can also be caused by stress, or by obsessive compulsive tendencies. But I'd try to rule out bathing, and then allergies, as more likely causes, first.
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Thanks so much everyone! I appreciate all the help! I will mix up her next batch of raw with beef and I am looking into Feliway. I'm kinda surprised I haven't tried Feliway yet considering how long I've had cats and been a multi-cat household!
Thanks again!!
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