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Cat Transit

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Hey Folks

My wife and I will soon be travelling from Ireland to the US (Florida) we have two cats Mooner and Thimble, Mooner is black with a white spot on his chest and Thimble is a female Tonkineese, they are like brother and sister and love each other to bits!!!

we want them to have a comfortable and not so tramatic flight... can anyone suggest the best way to go about getting them transported? I would take them in the cabin of the plane if I could...

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Call the airlines well ahead of time -- the sooner, the better, as you will need plenty of time to comply with their regulations -- and if you have a choice of carrier, opt for one which will allow Mooner and Thimble to travel in regulation carriers under your seats. If there is none, they will have to ride in the cargo hold; make certain you have a complete list of all the points you must comply with i.e. size and type of carrier, innoculation types and times, veterinary certification and clearance, etc. You will want to line each carrier with a "travel kit" obtainable at "pet" supply stores where you buy carriers (these consist of moistureproof card to line the carrier floor, plus food and water dishes and "LIVE ANIMALS" as well as to-be-filled-in information stickers for your carriers) and we put foam such as you would use for pillows on top of that for comfort (obtainable very cheaply at Wal-Mart or other "big box" or home stores -- cut to fit -- easily laundered or discarded if you must). I sprayed this foam with Feliway spray prior to setting out on the drive to the airport and all of the cats stayed perfectly calm throughout, and were calm upon arrival. Carry small packets of dry cat food with you on your carryon or in your wife's purse for when you arrive, and also, if permissable by the airlines, bottled water (probably not permissible, so perhaps an empty plastic or Nalgene water bottle you can fill upon arrival). Tranquilizers should NOT be necessary if you use the Feliway. GOOD LUCK, and Bon Voyage! An early Cead Mile Failte to you all as well.
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Are you just traveling here or looking to stay? Doesn't Ireland have a quarentine time when you return?

If the plane allows and you have 2 people, you can each take a cat on board - that's the best way IMO.
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My Wife is A US citizen, I am Irish, we are moving to the US to live.... We are told that there are no quarentine times as long as both kittys have had their shots etc. ( well we could nt travel for 7 months after they had their shots I think that may have been the quarentine time before they could leave the country)............
Thank You so much for your replies, hopefully we will be able to get a direct flight from Belfast to Florida.

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Are you flying Aer Lingus?

According to their site, they will allow pets in the cabin and are classes as "excess baggage".
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Ok - there is no quarentine in the US (other then in Hawaii) for bringing in animals - other then to be sure they have all their shots.

You may need a rabies vaccine when you arrive here (not sure if Ireland gives them or not).

Some foreign airlines won't allow cats in cabin so check with the ones you are using. Most all US airlines allow them in cabin. Will you be taking more then one plane?
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