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Junk debt buyers

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Dont you just love junk debt buyers. Like most everyone else I have had my run in with credit cards. So much so that I did not use any for 10 years and did what I could to clean up my mess. Well today I got a letter from a JDB saying they would settle for half of the supposed owed amount. Well I went through my old credit reports and got a current one as well. Besides my name being correct on the letter everything else is wrong. Wrong account number for starters and besides my reports have no record of me owing anything to the supposed creditor. Let alone to anyone else. Time to send letters and tell them to ....well I will be nice and not say what I want to really say.

They probably just attached my name to an old account for my current address and will try and scare me into paying. Not gonna happen
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Okay you need to do a few things.

1. Check your credit report and make sure that they don't list it on there. If they do dispute it.

2. This is "zombie" debit. Hence it's illegal. Write back the agency and tell them that due to it's age they are no longer allowed to bother you about it. Keep a copy of the letter. If they continue to send you things contact a lawyer.

3. Check your Fico/credit scores. They can be impacted by this as well.

Good luck.
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Thanks for the reminders. So far it has not shown up on my current report. By law I believe they have to notify you first and give you time to dispute it, usually 30 day and in writing. If you dont respond then they can add it to your credit report. But from the inquires on my report no one has made an inquiry from this place. And the account number they provided is no where on my reports. Even the ones from 8+ years ago that say they are in good standing.
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Something similar happened to me. I legitimately cancelled a contract with a fitness center due to a serious back injury, and I gave them a doctor's letter by certified mail just as they required. Despite all my efforts, they never recorded the cancellation, and they eventually sold my supposed debt to a JDB. Every couple of years, it gets resold, and some new company starts trying to collect.

So... when I see an unfamiliar number on Caller ID, I let the caller leave a message. Then I google the number. If it's a JDB, I save the number to my phone as "Collection," so when they call back, I'll know not to answer.

It's amazing how many people would rather deceive and manipulate others than make a legitimate living.
post #5 of 12 have them run all 3 of the major credit checks on you. That way you will know what you owe and what you don't.
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It is a zombie and if you respond other than the letter Lookinglass talked about they CAN AND WILL come after you for it ... I had one issue after a bankruptsy and I wrote a VERY FIRM letter and never heard a word again ... oh and sent a copy of it to the attorney who handled the bankruptsy ....
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Good information in this thread.

I read some articles on zombie debt, and they advised just responding to a call or letter from an agency can bring the acct "active" again. I dont remember the details, but if what happened to you happened to me, I would not acknowledge it until you've done some research (if I am remembering correctly)

Also - paying what you have outstanding is apples and oranges from your credit reporting - meaning, even if it is too old to report it doesn't mean necessarily the debt disappeared unpaid forever.
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That is illegal. Report them to the police. Stuff like that is considered a scam.
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why do I have to live in a state where the statute of limitations is 15 years??!!!

Thanks for posting this topic, it made me do a little research
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After a little research, I have a sneaking suspicion that even though this letter is in my name it was for the former home owner, my late uncle. He passed away earlier this year and my dad got his house as part of the inheritance. My parents are letting my family and I live in the house rent free until I finish school next year. Go us.

Anyways I think someone put my name on the account b/c we have the same last name and I now live at the address. And they are trying to collect something off of someone. I was talking with my dad and he thinks that it could have been my late uncles b/c some of the details in the letter match somewhat to an old account. He was not exactly sure b/c he was not at home and could not access the info I needed.
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after reading your latest post OP, I doubt I would respond AT ALL - esp. if you are sure this was never your own personal debt.

Can they be that lowdown? I dont recall the horror stories. Wouldnt that be fraud if they were trying to collect from you personally and not just his estate?
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i have heard of some doing this. they are in hopes of collecting something from someone. They hope the fear of damaging your credit report will scare you into paying. I know better now.
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