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My Molly

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Once a year around my RB kitty Molly's anniversary, I take out her ashes, the sympathy cards I received and some of her other things and have myself a good cry. Today was the day and I have been going through some pictures of her and want to share them.

My pretty calico girl

Getting high on some catnip.

Under the Christmas tree was one of her favorite spots to be.

Showing off her thumbs.

She loved to stretch out on her heated pad.

Thanks for looking.
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Aww Molly is a beautiful girly! :
We love the photo of her underneath the christmas tree &
the one of her sprawled out on the heating pad...absolutely adorable!
Thank you for sharing her photos, wonder what shes doing over the Rainbow Bridge...
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oh, Karen, she was an absolutely gorgeous girl! love those thumbs
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Aw Molly was a beautiful girl
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She was so beautiful! I really love the one under the Christmas tree too!
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She's gorgeous Karen....thumbs & all. :
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Karen, she was an absolute doll!!
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Karen, she's gorgeous
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She was gorgeous!
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She was a sweetie. Such bright colouring.
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I was thinking about you and Molly this morning

She's gorgeous!
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What a beautiful girl! There is just a little something extra special about those calico girls, isn't there?
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What a lovely girl she was, Karen! Thanks for sharing her with us.
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OMG - those THUMBS!

She was beautiful...still is.
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She is beautiful I love her colors!!
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She's so beautiful Karen...glad you could spend some time with her and your memories today
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What a beautiful girl I'm sure you have many wonderful memories of the time you spent together
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I hope you are finding some comfort with Molly today. I know its a hard time. Shes gorgeous.
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Aww what a beautiful girl! it must be a calico thing to go hunting under the Christmas tree, Jazzy used to do that
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Awww Karen Molly's a gorgeous little pumpkin over at Rainbow Bridge

I love that one of her lying with the red cushion, and i didn't know she had thumbs?!, their so cute!!
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Thank you for sharing your gorgeous girl with us, Karen. Molly was a true beauty.
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Thanks for the kind words about my RB baby.
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She was a beautiful cat. I love the one under the tree as she is as colorful as the presents around her.
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What beautiful pictures of your sweet Molly. She was adorable. I know she's watching over her mommy now and enjoying life at the rainbow bridge.
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