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We had a plastic owl on the roof and DH was cleaning the windows upstairs so he brought it in to be washed, it's supposed to keep the pigeons away It doesn't
Zazzy saw it and the hair stood up on her whole body even her cheeks I am so glad I got the camera

What the heck is that thing

Oh Man

Zinger didnt care its phoney

OMG look at the eyes on that thing

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The good news, it must be keeping cats off the roof!
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That is funny! Alot of folks put them on the ground around their houses to scare the chipmunks and mice away (here in NH)!
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Those photos made us smile That is so cute how they are freaked out by the owl & their tails are all puffy! Thanks for sharing those photos, your cats are precious!
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Zazzy is not appreciative of the intruder
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Oh Zazzy She's definately not liking that, is she?!
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Awesome pictures!
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well, now you know how to keep her off the counter
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hahaha, the look on their faces. Too cute!
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LOL! Funny kitties!
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lol zazzy zazzy zazzy, lol reminds me of shadow,thats something she would do they are soooo cute!!
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OMG! That's hilarious!
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That's so funny. You have beautiful cats. Especially Zazzy.
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haha! That's so funny! Look at how big her eyes are.
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Lois, that is hilarious
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Oh look at her, she's a big fluff ball Even Zingers tail looks like it's starting to puff up as well
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Those pictures are great!
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LOL! Too funny!
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Originally Posted by mbjerkness View Post
well, now you know how to keep her off the counter
Now I know the secret!! I'm almost tempted to buy one of those just to see the reactions !!
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Oh Lois, that is priceless!
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Oh that is absolutely just tooooo funny!!!!
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I thought MAYBE I could try and put up my Christmas tree this year with 7 cats in the house they do not leave it alone, HUM maybe I could put the Owl in front of it But I think they would get wise after a bit and know " Hey that thing hasn't moved" Mom's trying another dirty trick
I tried putting a Moose in a rocking chair that sings Grandma got run over by a Reindeer as it rocks back & forth.. They just sat down watched him sing and rock and when he was done they took off right to the tree
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OMG that is too funny! I liked the last picture and the caption! I could just hear her saying that!!!!!!
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