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The Cats (ferals) are Back!

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Well, last night (i've been away for the long weekend so other people have fed my ferals) I got a call from the feeder. She says - hey, I don't know what is going on, but on Friday there were 4 cats, and on Monday I had 14 cats!! Wow!!

So, where did the 14 come from, and why last night? I stopped by and fed this am, / noon to make sure they had food for the evening as they
trickle in. I did see 3 cats, hanging in the shelters I put out.

I suspect now that they see these nice straw filled comfy and warm/dry shelters, sized just for them, that they will hang round closer to food -
before they go off to hunt or tuck up.

Last night it rained later in the night - so who knows where the kitties had gone?? But today it will be dry and cooler, so I am expecting cats to
BE there. I will be SO glad to see them if they come...

I have 6 to fix that I know of... 2 brown tabbies (with polydactyls!), 1 black, 1 striped grey, 1 fluffy kit, 1 fluffy mama, that's it. I had some other kittens, of which I've only seen 1, so that one needs fixing too, but I haven't seen her in a bit...

Maybe if we get a warmer/dryer spell, I'll do better with the trapping.
I am going to keep trying to get AS MANY as I can ... at one time, to
help with stopping breeding and stablizing these guys. So far 14 were fixed, and that SHOULD have helped alot with the breeding...
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That's great news! I'm glad to hear that they are back!

I know how concerned you were about them being gone... Strange that they were gone for so long, too, and the timing of their disappearance!
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I'm so glad your cats are coming back. Are you actually doing all this trapping by yourself? Aren't there any cat rescue groups that can help you? I had help from a Catsnippers group which is part of Best Friends.

How many traps do you have?

Whatever, good luck to you, perservere and you will succeed!
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Hi Katie and Ghostbuster! Thanks. I don't know where the babies were staying, but they were AWAY. Now they seem to be "back". Since shelter
is out even with rains coming down, I expect them to hang around.

The feeder said they were "starved". Maybe they got locked in one
of the trailers by mistake that are there for construction?? Who knows??

I am going to see who I get to see tonight, I'm excited to see who
it is that is "back"!

I am having no help with trapping - that is - the actually DOING of it. I do have 6 traps to use, and MAYBE now I can round someone up to help set the traps up earlier...as I don't get there till later, and its dark now so early!

I had some sponsorship/help with costs - 8 to 9 cats worth. I have done
some on my dime, but at greatly reduced prices from what "passes" for standard low cost spay here (can you believe its 162 dollars for LOW COST via humane society?? and vet's don't cut you a break. GRRR - )

Lucky for me I found a group that would help me out or I would not have been able to do this.

I provided the shelters - some nifty bee boxs some tupper containers with straw. All very basic but good shelters. I am working on ordering 2 snuggle disks too - they are 20 dollars or so each on the internet and will keep the
igloo, and tupper containers warm. (I have a set of 3 to use).

I provide the food out of pocket which is the most expensive part.
14 cats eat alot of chow, and I'm switching back to kitten chow for
the calories soon. They get 8 cans Friskies wet and then dry ...

That holds em. I have rabies and distemper on most of them, when I spay/neuter. I am looking at Profender for worming - a product from Australia that you can order... anyone use it?? And I'm looking at FISH anti bios for my little guy with upper respiratory. He needs Clavamox... Fishmox is the same drug I understand. And you can buy with no prescription needed!!

Okay, off to finish up work now. Headed home to my flame point Siamese boy Titi (he's become a total love!) my wild boy Dewey, the Feral Girl now tame and friendly to me and BF called Laphrogie (for the scotch!) and my 2 oldesters Diablo and Shebs and my other feral rescue who live with me the
beautiful Silver Grey Main Coon called Grey Goose.

And anyone who WANTS a lovely Flame Point boy, and wild purrrsonality filled true Main Coon personality cat (Dewey!!) PM. I have 2 5 months ready to go - all shots, up to date, healthy and bright as buttons. (And making my house into a wreck as only kittens can, LOL).
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Well, I had 11 cats yesterday at 6:30 pm - it was warm, not
raining and they came from behind the shed/shelters area.

Before they would be waiting around, now they hide more

BUT I was glad to see them. I now estimate I've only "lost" 4 cats.
These I think didn't make it - they may have moved on, been run over,
or been eaten by the coyote/fox I saw (not sure if it was coyote or fox, think coyote).

I am putting out heat pad in the igloo tonight along with more
straw/hay for each shelter = dry and warm and maybe heated!

I hope they use. I moved food away from the shelters, to make
safer, and I put more in bushes... to make less visible.

Let's hope fingers crossed this works! Please send vibes for their
safety and well being!!!
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