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Bad habbit

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I always seem to break things, and most of the time its my Dh things I break, I have broke a couple of his favourite glasses and now I have broken our snow globe of stone henge that we bought together while in England.

I am so annoyed at my self, Its been sitting on the entertainment center, on the bottom shelf which is the same level a the floor, and I pulled out part of the Wii (game system) and knocked it, and it just smashed into a billion pieces, tiny bits of glass, glitter and snow and water all around the electrical cables and the TV.

Rant end.
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And I forgot to mention I spent all morning vacuuming and cleaning so I had to do that area all over again GRRRR
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awr Plan another holiday there and buy a new one (good excuse )
omg you have a wii! I'm getting one for xmas
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Is the little scene inside still intact? If so, you can get another snowglobe of the same size, carefully remove the glass from the base, and reattach it to your Stonehenge with clear silicone sealer from the hardware store! As for the liquid and snow, I believe you use eggshells and a mixture of water and clear Karo syrup... but you can find all sorts of instructions for that online, I'm sure.

Or you could just track down the Stonehenge giftshop and have them ship you another one!
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Awwww, that is very frustrating I hope the rest of your day goes better.
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At least you didn't break the Wii. I understand, I'm sure that snow globe had sentimental attachment. I'm sorry.
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It's bad enough to break something but worse if it's something sentimental. It throws the whole day off.

However, when I first read the thread title I thought it said 'Bad Hobbit'
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I kept the ornament, it and the glasss is in the microwave...thats where I put everything that needs to be out of mellows paws as he likes to touch everything, I didnt want to put loose glass in the trash aso it can cut some poor garbage mans hand, I think I will keep the ornament and see what I can do with it. Yep we have a Wii, funilly enough I was moving it so I could take pics of it as I am selling it on ebay, neither hubby or I use it, so there is no point in keeping it.
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