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Sash and his baggie

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Sash has a new bag and he's in heaven, here's a few pics of him playing and lounging on his new Perkins baggie.


Mom, don't take my picture! I just want to enjoy my bag!!

Taking a break

a short video of him playing with his baggie...please be patient it takes him a while to "get it".
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It's so CUTE when kitties claim a bag... my kitties go nuts when we bring in the groceries & we have tons of paper bags and plastic bags for them to claim...
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Awww!! There's the teddybear Sash!! I love the video too Lisa I love how he looked at you after he caught the toy...almost as if to say "look what I caught for you mom!"
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He is just precious I loved seeing him on video
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Precious Sash...
They way Sash look at you for approval, after his grand leap, melted my heart.
More Sash videos please.
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He was tricking us all in the video and at the last sec BOOM

That first pic with just his ears sticking out of the bag is hilarious

We love you Sash
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Sash is a sweetie,
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What a handsome, silly boy.
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That is too cute!
Loved the video!
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That video was great!
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Thanks everyone, I'm glad you liked the video!
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Why buy expensive toys when they would rather play in the bags and boxes used to transport the goodies!?!

I use bags and boxes for enrichment for the shelter kitties.
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Oh how cute! Once he got it, he got it good!
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