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F3 bengals

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I need some background info on F3 bengals. temperment, needs, things like that. i am trying to help a friend place hers, as she cant take care of him anymore. im wondering if it would be able to fit in my with my bunch, or should i try to help her find a home.
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F3 s often are good with others but they are still more active and bigger than ave... Hopefully one of the bengal breeders will be able to help
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Since you're thinking about a specific cat rather than F3 bengals in general can't you get the info from his current owner? The variation between individuals can be quite big.

F3 is getting much closer to 'normal' bengals than the even earlier ones. From what I've gathered they're usually quite bossy, some don't do well on normal cat foods (need a raw diet) but others are fine with that. Very active and curious and getting into everything. Still as I've said individual variation can be huge so I'd try and get more info on the specific cat you're thinking about helping.

Bengals in general are very active and intelligent and can be very naughty and hard to live with if you don't give them a good enough outlet for their otherwise pent up energy. If you do though, they're absolutely fantastic, gorgeous and amazing to know.
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from what i have gotten so far, he is 7 years old, and is a big sweetie. jsut not all that keen on other cats, but the last time he was near another cat was before he was neutered, and it was a intact female. The owner said he attacked her all the time, so who knows about that. could have been jsut hormones.

other then that, she says hes a great guy. She jsut cant keep him due to problems with her husband.
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How many cats do you have? I guess you could try taking him on and doing slow introductions etc. and if it doesn't work out you'd be effectively fostering him while finding him a new home.

I'd think the reaction of an intact male in a breeding situation to other cats is quite different from a neutered boy.

Since he's 7 years old he's probably a bit calmer than your standard young bengal lunatic but they are on average very active dominant cats with big personalities.

...aand there was just now a big crash in the kitchen combined with mad cat running around noises, I'm off to investigate
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lol @ the loud crashes, im used to that!!!

After this weekend, i will have 4. one of the kittens i kept from the fosters i had, my best friend fell in love with, so shes going home this weekend. that leaves my two birmans, and 2 more, both boys, and all are neutered.
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