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Question about breeding

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i have two really good friends who purchased a kitten from the same breeder that we got our cat from, now one bought a female and one purchased a male... see where im going with this? the mother of the kittens are different the father is the same. now the male cat is almost a full year old i believe he said. she purchased the girl cat this past friday. so the litters where about a year apart. would there be any tipe of birth defects or retardness ( i dont know if thats the proper term that i should use) from them if they were to breed? i think there would be because technically there 1/2 brother and sister. any information would be appreciated.
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Yes, the problem is that there would be more kittens bred by people who aren't breeders and don't know how to care for them properly. Are they registered cats? If so, are they sold with breeding rights? If not, what's wrong with simply buying them from the original breeder, who already has everything set up?
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i looked at the papers on the new girl and the number is in the breeder box. so im assuming she has rights and so does he. yes there both cfa registered
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Are you asking for them or for your own information?

If you're asking for *them*, then they probably aren't ready to breed cats (or any animal) and need to do a lot more research before they are ready to accept responsibility for breeding these animals.

Breeding isn't a money-making operation, and in fact, is quite expensive. Furthermore, if they *don't* have breeding rights (both of them), they could run into some legal difficulties down the road.

Of course, I don't know what the motives here are, and my response is probably similar to the one I initially got when I made a post about wanting to breed one day

What I will say is that many breeders of various animals "line breed." I haven't done research into this with cats yet, and I'm sure that somebody who *already* breeds can offer more information. However, at one point I was seriously considering breeding reptiles as a business (yes, you can make money there), and line-breeding is one of the only ways to produce certain color patterns. Line breeding did *not* result in genetic abnormalities.

But it seems that what you're talking about here is *inbreeding*. It would help if you could provide more information about the specifics of what your friends are looking into doing, so that you can receive more help from those here who are experienced, if they are willing and able to share their experiences.
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i hope there fully aware that breeding is very very exspensive. lol i knew that was going to come up about my *friends* situtation. they are both flame point himalayans. thats about all that i know for this situation thanks for the help everybody
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Originally Posted by mapleredta View Post
would there be any tipe of birth defects or retardness ( i dont know if thats the proper term that i should use) from them if they were to breed?.
It depends on the genetics. Breeding those 2 together would be inbreeding. If they carry any lethal genes or hereditary diseases it will come out in the kittens. Inbreeding should not be done. So your answer is yes there is a high chance of the kittens having problems.
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Unless they've studied the pedigrees and shown the cats and the cats have been tested for any genetic problems, they should NOT be bred together. If they are not seasoned breeders/showers, breeders usually do NOT sell breeding cats to novices!

CFA registered doesn't mean a lot. Question is whether or not the registration slips have the Not for Breeding Box checked - if they are for breeding they need to have the breeder's special code.
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thanks everybody for the information
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