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Jingle bells backwards *warning* not for the faint of heart

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This is scary
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omg omg omg panick!!! I fell out of my chair!!! It scared the heck out of me. I still think my heart is in my throat.
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don't know if i want to click if it's that scary

oo. p.s. I read about it online and if it's what I think - I've seen that done before.
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I don't get scared of those kind of things normally, but holy, that freaked me out! Jingle Bells backwards does sound hilarious though!
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Whoa! Didn't expect that Thanks for sharing that link, always fun to hear new stuff like that!
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lol now u put up the warning. I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. (im a little jumpy anyway)
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I added a warning to the title at the request of a few members.
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Holy crud!!!!!!!!!! I think my heart almost burst out of my chest.
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I had a feeling it was gonna be something like that so I wound it all the way to the end to make sure I didn't jump out of my skin lol
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After seeing the warning, I'm kind of afraid to click on the link! I sent it to John though.
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I didn't click but I think I know what happens.
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I think my heartbeats only just got back to normal (and it's a few hours since I watched it)
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Is it something like those crazy Ghost Video's where they have you watching intently, and then a monster jumps out at you?
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I hate those things.

Someone else posted something like that on here a few months ago.

I'm never clicking on links from you guys again, it's too early in the morning
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Maybe its because im the youngest that I already know what that video was before I watched it. Its funny to see you guys all freaked out and surprised because that videos been out for years LOL.
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I clicked it knowing fully what was going to happen and I was right.

Not the best one that I've seen, but I guess if you weren't expecting it it might be scary.
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I've seen this one before. Seems it comes around every holiday.
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Alright, I watched it and I darn near peed my pants!!
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I'm assuming this is a screamer? If so, I'll pass. I'd rather not have a heart attack...
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It's an urban legand
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Huh???? did I miss something in the video? Wasn't scary to me, just silly. (I coudln't get the volume up further, and was trying to hear it over loud cat food munching noises!)
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My husband got one of these in an email the other day (I've seen the "watch the car on the winding road" one, lol) and at the end, it said "Now get back to work" !
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