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Saw man hit dog with board - what to do?

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Hi All,

I want your opinion and direction on a disturbing occurence I witnessed today while walking my dog. This guy brings his dog out of his home (a young golden retriever) and ties it out - then proceeds to hit it with a board once. Well, I was about a half a block away and stopped in my tracks and hollared,"Was that really necessary?" He ignored me. A car had been passing around the same time this happened and stopped in the road near me. To top it off, the guy proceeds to do it a second time. It didn't look like the dog had done anything - and after being hit the second time was cowering (poor thing). I then yelled to him that people like him shouldn't have a dog. He kept ignoring me and went into his garage (the dog was still outside on it's chain. The lady in the car and I are talking and cannot believe this has happened. Then, the dog is looking in the garage and can you believe starts wagging its tail. I told the woman in the car I was going to call and report this. On my way back from walking my dog, I walked the same way and the retriever wasn't tied out any more.

I left a little after getting home to go grocery shopping - and I parked in front of this guys house to jot the address down when a car pulls in the driveway with a woman and a teenage girl. When they got out, I called to them and told them what I saw the man of the house do and that I was going to have to report this as it was very disturbing to watch. The woman seemed utterly shocked.

My question I take further action now and report this to the police? Or do I go to the home and talk with these people and make sure they are aware there are better ways to discipline their canine? Normally, I'd go ahead and complain to the authorities, but could this be a one time thing?...

Thanks for any and all input.
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Yes Sandi you take further action. Call the sheriff's department, the humane society, and animal rescue group and you get that poor dog out of there. Of course the dog will wag it's tail, you can beat a dog bloody and he will still love the abuser (I have seen it so many times it makes me sick) Poor dog, I hope you can help him.
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That's exactly what I felt in my heart and soul because after talking to the woman and teenager I hoped that they didn't go in there and take it out on the poor dog. I will definitely be following up on this ASAP and hopefully the authorities will get that poor dog out of there.

The thing is, everytime in the past I've seen that dog it always seems well behaved. It doesn't bark a lot or anything while tied out even when we pass with our dog. Ugh!!!

It infuriates me as well. If I didn't have my own dog with me at the time I don't know what I'd have done. I think I'd have gone right over there, but who knows what this guy would've done to me??
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This is so very very sad!!!!! How can people be so inhumane???? Poor dog!!!!!!!!! I agree with Hissy!!! Report this jerk right away!!!! He has probably been doing this for some time now!!!!!!!
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Please report the man Sandi, this is just too awful. No one should ever treat animals like that. I had a golden retriever and they are one of the most loving dogs I have ever seen and it doesnt surprise me it would wag its tail. Please take action for that poor dog.
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Call the authorities! Animal abuse is often a precurser to child and spoucial abuse! Most serial killers start out abusing animals. This guy needs help!
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Once is even too many time to hit an animal - I would report it!
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I would definitely report this, if I were you. Even if this was only a one time thing, these people need to know that they can't do that to the poor dog no matter what!!!
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Definitely, report it. I don't know what the animal cruelty laws are, where you are but, this has to be illegal!

When I lived in Tombstone, I saw a guy get 3 days in jail and a $350 fine, for punching his dog in the face. As they hauled him out, he said, "I can't believe I'm going to jail, for spanking my dog."
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Oh yes yes! Report it!
I think anyone, now adays who doesn't know it's not right to hit a dog with anything is a liar! It's more that they just can't believe that anyone would be "foolish" enough to punish them for hitting "their" (as in their possession) dog.
Poor poor dog. The dog was probably wagging it's tail because it feels bad about whatever it "might" have done, and wants to make up, showing his owner "look,I'm a good dog, don't hit me anymore."
We have 2 goldens in our family they are WONDERFUL dogs, very loyal.

You already did talk with the "family" they now know, but I think you need to report it as well.

That Trixie dog my friends were caring for, the one I just brought to ultimately be put to sleep a couple weeks ago, whenever she went down to NC to visit her owner she'd be wagging her tail when she saw him too!
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Call the police!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sandi - I don't even need to echo everyone else's sentiments, I'm sure you've probably made all those calls already!

Dogs wagging their tails, from what I've seen on educational TV shows, are much like cats purring. Apparently it's not only a sign of happiness or excitement, but also at times an expression of anxiety.

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I agree with everyone else here!

Last week there was a small story in my local paper about a man on the east coast who was bitten by his own dog when he got home from work. The man went into the house and got a gun and started to beat the dog with it. He wound up accidently shooting himself to death. The dog lived and was taken away by the humane society.
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any update?
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I indeed did call the police. I was actually very happy when the officer who answered the phone seemed concerned. He asked me if I'd be willing to talk to an officer about this complaint and I said yes thinking it would be via the phone. However, he told me an officer would be over shortly. So, while I was shoveling the driveway, the officer pulled up and we talked about the situation and I recounted the whole scenario of yesterday afternoon. The officer explained that for a first offense - they go and talk to the owner and check the dog out for any signs of abuse (scars, sores, cuts, abrasions, etc.) and if there is evidence of this, the dog will be removed from the premises. Otherwise, the owner will be given a warning and there is now a case file on this and if another report were to come in - action is taken. I wish I knew what happened after the officer went over there. Can I call and get an update from them do you think? I would think I'd be entitled to know since I'm the one who filed the complaint.
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hmm, probably they wouldn't tell you anything.
But it can't hurt to call, the worst they can do is tell you they can't provide you with any information.

Hope the guy isn't smart enough to figure out it was you who reported him! Seeing as how you walk past his place often? You got a big doggie I hope?
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good for you! I'm glad that someone took the initiative to "speak" out for that poor animal. I hope the next person who sees him hit that poor dog with that board, comes up and does the same d**n thing to him!!!!!!!!!!! Mabye next time you walk by if there isn't anyone around you could help the dog escape and find him a home he deserves.
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Mabye next time you walk by if there isn't anyone around you could help the dog escape and find him a home he deserves.
That's what I was thinking when he went into the house/garage and left the dog there "take him away!" I thought. But true, you never know what the owner would do. Good for you for talking to him and his family AND reporting it to the police. I am so very happy that you did.
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Wouldn't taking the dog away complicate issues?
Theft for instance...
Then you'd be seen as the dog thief and the authorities would be after you for theft which might detract from the real issue.

What happens if after all this, the owner is just more careful about where he abuses his dog?

What seems evident to me is that the owner/s of the dog need to be made aware that there are more effective ways of training a dog than beating it with a plank.

By effective ways I mean, obedience lessons... which as we all know is really more about training the owner to communicate with his or her dog.

And from the sounds of it, this man doesn't seem to know how to communicate with his dog.

In addition to reporting it, and watching out for any more incidents... Maybe you can drop off some dog-training leaflets and FAQs in their letter box.
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I agree with you that this guy obviously doesn't know how to discipline his dog properly. I have a lab and they can be very boisterous - but we found taking our dog for a walk EVERY day helps alleviate the problems associated with an active breed of dog. We also take time to play with all our pets, so they know - they're loved and conditioned - plus, it keeps them from getting bored. I haven't seen this guy take his dog for a walk (although I don't watch the house 24-7 so maybe they do??? For some reason I doubt it, though). I haven't seen the golden out since the incident, but I was also worried that this guy might just be a bit more careful where he abuses his dog from now on. That thought does frighten me and I told the officer as much yesterday.

I must admit, every little noise I heard last night I was a bit worried it might be this guy retaliating in some way or another. Hopefully, he'll realize he was wrong and I'm hoping the officer may have mentioned alternative training methods to this guy. I'm thinking that these people don't want to really take any time with this dog. You know, unfortunately, there are people out there who think you just go buy a puppy and they come already trained and don't need any other training.

If I find anything else out, I will let you all know.
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I am so glad you called the police!!!!! Good for you!!!!! Keep us posted!!!!
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