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Cat food

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you know how when you get a kitten you get samples and information on food, how do you get these? also what is the best type of food? my girl is intolerant of most foods so it's really hard to find stuff she can eat.
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I moved your thread to health and nutrition because you may get a little more help with your question.
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Hmm. Sometimes you can find promotional deals on the food companies official websites, where they will send you a little packet of food.

I've gotten a lot of mine from little local petstores. The major chains don't normally give out FREE samples, but smaller petstores sometimes do.

She's intolerant, as in certain foods make her ill? Or she's just a picky eater?
If she's allergic try a lamb and rice or fish formula of food. Verse a Chicken & Corn or beef one.

Good foods... and foods I would personally bother to feed.
Solid Gold
Nutro Max
Nutro Natural
Natural Balance
Maximum Nutrition (Walmar Brand)
Royal Canin

There are sooo many.
Look for foods with MOSTLY meat in the first 5 ingredients (preferble things like chicken, and not chicken by-products) I personaly stay away from foods with corn in them. Low in fat (specially if you like to give you kitty lots of treats) and I don't buy foods with BHT or BHA in them.
Also IAM's food IMO, highly over priced, there are much better foods out there, and they do animal testing! Just to give you a heads up on that.
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I'm a little nervous about buying foods via mail. I tend to procrastinate sometimes and I'm afraid I would run out before the new order arrived.

I believe I've seen Nutro and Authority at Pet Smart and Natural Balance and Royal Canin at Petco. I wonder why pet stores don't carry all the brands? I would think the manufacturers would make more money having their foods so readily available.
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Big chain petstores carry basically what brands they think they will be able to sell (aka what ones you see commercials for on tv) or what companies are willing to pay for a deal with Petco/Petsmart to sell their mechandise.

Authority is actually Petsmarts brand food, I believe. If I were you, I would try to go with Natural Balance or Wysong first, the ingredients are REALLY good, and I have fed it before.
Sometimes if you find a smaller local store, they will sell better brands and more brands that you can't find at big chains.

From Petsmart, the only foods I personally would consider feeding:
Natures Recipie
Nutro Maxx(and Nutro Natural if they have it.)
Pro Plan (You can try this food, but I've heard bad reviews about it, it gave one of my cats a urine problem too.)

From Petco:
Avo-Cat Breeders Choice
Natural Balance
Pet Gold
Royal Canin
Sensible Choice

These are in no particular order, and some are better then others, but the above listed are all better then things like Purina, Wiska's or Frisky's.
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