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Happy Birthday Hissy!

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Happy Birthday to you!

I hope you have a very special birthday today! I'm sure Mike will do his best to make it so!

:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:
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Happy Birthday Mary Anne
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Hope that today is nothing less than wonderful for you
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Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Hissy
Happy Birthday to you!!!

May your day be as wonderful as it can be! I'll be thinking of you!

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Happy Birthday Hissy. Have a wonderful double special day (Birthday and Mom's Day).

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P.S. Hope the horses are "speaking" to you again......

Many, Many more Happy years
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Thiiiiiiis isssss your birthday song
It isn't very long
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Happy Birthday Hissy!!!!!!!! We Love you!!!!!!!!
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What a day today was! About noon, Mike said he had a surprise for me (another one!) And just told me to get my comfortable clothes on and we were going for a ride. So the three of us piled in (the dog goes everywhere with us) and he started driving. I tried to pry out the destination from him, but he was very mysterious...we ended up in Tigard, and he pulled into this restaurant Tylers, and we went inside. He made a beeline for a back booth where all I could see were two people's backs. I was totally mystified. Turned out that two friends had come down from Alaska!!! Jude's brother was getting married in Oregon, so her and her hubby came down and had called Mike beforehand. Jude was my matron of honor at our wedding. I haven't seen her in over 9 years! The four of us had a great time talking and catching up on our lives. They live in a beautiful place called Halibut Cove, the only way you can get there is by boat. Her hubby had retired and they sold their house and bought their dream! It was wonderful to see her and she had another surprise for me. I used to sing with the Sweet Adelines, and a former quartet from the group had sung me Happy Birthday and Jude had taped it. it was a wonderful day, and just what the doctor ordered. The weather was brilliant, the conversation was lively and we were quite the active group at this small town restaurant! LOL A very nice birthday indeed, and it just drove home the realization that I am a very lucky lady, even if I do have my bad days.

When I got home, my guardian angel gave me a birthday present. I had gone out to feed the horses, and my one youngster was back by the creek. The creek bed is steep and there is a big tree near the bank. I had gone around the front of the tree to get my gelding to move, and he startled and threw his head, bumped me on the shoulder which threw me over backward BUT for some reason, I did not tumble down the bank, and even now, I don't know why I didn't? I was totally off balance, falling over backward, and suddenly I was right side up on my feet!
Trav was looking at me like "Neat trick Mom!" That's when I went to my knees and thanked God for watching out for me and paying my guardian angel overtime to do it!

It was a full day and my critters have been fed, and I am going to bed. Thank you all for your wishes and your cute expressions in your posts. Happy Birthday swalker too!

Love you all!
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What a fantastic BDAY surprise! Nothing is better than seeing old friends. . . . . We are all glad you survived the tumble.
Thank you for sharing your birthday present with us.
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You are lucky indeed for having such a wonderful husband! And I'm very happy your guardian angel was there for you!
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