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Kitten is messed.

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My kitten this morning seemed rather gloomy before I left town for the day, but when I came back a little before afternoon, it seemed to be in pain when touched on the front right side of its body, a little behind its front right leg. It gives a sort of moan/growl-meow when held, as though angry, and tries to wiggle out. And when I pet it there it sort of protests, but doesn't mind being pet on the head or the other side of its body. I would like to mention that my cats have been to the vet the previous day to get their shots, and although I wasn't present at the time, my sister tells me the vet handled them quite ruffly, (he's Indian). Anyways, he said not to shower the cats for five days, but today it rained very heavily while I was away, so I don't know. Could it be that it got wet and this is the aftermath? My other three kittens don't have anything wrong with them, so what could be the problem?

I did mention that my cats live in my backyard, and it was a really nasty storm that went on here while me and my family were unfortunately away. Maybe something hit it in the wind or something, not sure. They do have a sort of shelter, but when a storm gets REALLY bad, the water can get everywhere (it was very sunny before I left too). Well, would appreciate knowing what you guys make of this, and thanks in advance.
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I would think a call to the vet would be the place to start...they may want you to come in.

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These poor little kittens should not be out exposed to the elements. Please bring them inside.
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