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New Pictures of Liberty

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I thought I would share. I just got some new photos of my sweet Liberty.
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Awwww, she looks so sweet!!
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Aww she's such a cute fluffy little bub
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aww how adorable...she's so tiny and fluffy
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I must say that liberty is one of the cutest kittens I have ever had the pleasure of looking at. You should get one of those photos inlarged.
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She is pretty - how old now?
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thank you everyone we are pretty darn proud of her too She is absoultely lovely. Iam actually getting a print of number 5 enlarged

she will be 5 weeks old on friday
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What a sweetheart!
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she is a beauty!! I love the lil balls of fluff!!!

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i love em when they are so little and fluffy too. we cant wait to bring her home. Shes gonna come home with the rest of the new "crew" so to speak, gonna be an interesting time lol
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