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Water question

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Does anyone else ever feel tired after drinking water?

I've always read that water is suppose to be help wake you up, however it does the opposite for me. If I don't drink something with caffiene in it, I basically pass out. It doesn't matter if the water is room temp or cold, I just feel really tired after having a glass, worse if its 2 glasses in a row.

Anyone heard of this or experience this themself?
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Never heard of such. I've experienced tiredness after eating certain foods [turkey, chocolate], but never from water. Do you drink tap or bottled?
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
If I don't drink something with caffiene in it, I basically pass out.
This is your answer right here. It's not the water at all, your body is used to caffeine and probably sugar.
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I can see the caffiene possibly being a factor. I can see carbs also, but not so much sugar. Yes I like chocolate and sugar products, but I really try and steer towards the sugar-free stuff.

I just find it weird though as I can drink a glass of juice (sugar-free or diet so minimal carbs) and not pass out.
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I have never heard of that. Water is one of my favorite drinks since it is so refreshing. I drink a lot of it.
What type of water do you drink? Well water? Bottled water? City water?

Try adding some fresh lemon or fresh lime to it. Just for a different taste. I like mine with lots of ice. If it isn't cold, I don't seem to enjoy it as much (unless I am doing something very active, then I don't care about the temp)
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Electrolyte imbalance. I have that problem mostly in hot weather only it soon gets accompanied by feeling very sick and almost throwing up if I don't eat or drink something else. Your ending up with more water in your body than there is salts and minerals to conteract it. Probably because your not taking in enough of those and not because your drinking too much water. Try something like crystal light or sports drinks. Lime or lemon juice is actually a really good idea too but it's because the citric acid helps balance it. You might also want to look into taking a vitamin/mineral (especially mineral) supplement at least a few times a week.
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Thanks...that's a good possibility as I normally have naturally low blood pressure (when I was a kid nurses and doctors wonder how I was still alive!).
Now that I think of it, the last time I was at the doctor, I was told that I have a low pulse? not the pressure as that was actually normal...but my pulse was low. I found it funny too as I was regularly exercising.

Yea if I go without caffeine (I mean long spurts like 6-12 months) I can't stay awake...even when its completely out of my system. So I don't want to quit caffeine again otherwise I could fall asleep at work.
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Were you ever checked out for narcolepsy? I had a co worker that would take caffiene pills when her prescription ran out and she had narcolepsy very badly.
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