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How are the Kitty Valentines coming?

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Just curious how everyone is getting along with their Valentines? I finished my 3 a couple of days ago..Phew! I wish I weren't such a perfectionist...I just HAD to find the perfect picture and etc. I don't know how many hours I wasted on searching for this stuff! If anyone needs some help, just email me or PM me and I'll give you a hand. I'm not too crafty when it comes to doing them from scratch, but I came across some really great photos and etc.
BTW...IS IT THE 14TH YET? I'm dying to see all the Valentines...and so are Tiki, Echo and Bud...even though Bud won't admit it!LOL!
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I have had my hands full with a cat show and now 5 new kittens but I have done 2 cards and have I think 4 to go! I am like you Shell and have spent hours looking for the right back grounds etc! I have it on good authority that Tiki is gonna like her card hehehe!!!
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Help!I can not find the thread,were to send my Valentine's to!If I remember right,I can just send to one place and they will be sent on. Right? Thanks Sherral
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Send your cards to this email address: Valentines@KittyOats.Com

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I am a little confused. How do I make up a kitty valentine and send it to you?
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Thank You!!
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You can go to a website that has pre-made valentines cards and send one with a personalized message written on it. If you have Photoshop or a program like it you can make your own card. You could even write a poem or a short valentines message in the email that you send and I could upload it onto the site with some nice Valentines graphics that i have collected. Anything you would like to do would be fine.

There is another thread called Valentine's Ideas that has great ideas for making cards. I'll see if I can find the link to it in a bit.

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Two down and two to go! I'm hoping to get the last two done this weekend, if I can recover from this little flu bug I've got. Shell, just tell Bud that Ophelia is a petite little model kitty, very pretty, and loves a big boy to snuggle with. That should get him more excited about the Valentines.
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Hubba Hubba!! That perked him up in a hurry!! Ophelia is a beautiful kitty...the perfect model I'm sure!

If you need help, I can help you out. Just PM or email me with what you are looking for and I'll see what I can dig up.

Please inform Harry that he's got quite a little surprise when he sees his Valentine! Just can't wait til "he" sees it!!

Good job everyone on the cards! It's quite a task, but it's well worth it...right?
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I haven't even started mine!!!!I'm such a procrastinator!!!

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Okay everyone!!! I have done a special Valentines from all the ladies to a certain male that shall remain nameless! So keep an eye out for that! Please try to get you valentines in ASAP I know we are all busy but I don't want Ginger to be struggling on Valentine eve to get them all in! Again if you feel you can't do this don't disappoint someone, please let us know so that their kitties don't get heart broken!

Shell I think Harry is getting a little too excited now!!! LOL! He is strutting around as if he owns the place! Such a macho guy!

Kass don't make me come and slap you!
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I'm so excited I can't wait!
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I finished my 10 a while ago! I can't wait to see everyones Valentines!
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I FINALLY got the e-mail off to Mary Anne with the descriptions and pics of kitties, so I should be able to finish up the valentines pretty soon!
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My valentines suck. So I apologise in advance, my mental and emotional state is tired. And I dont really want to think.
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Kellye, it's the thought that counts, not computer skills or time spent. This is supposed to be a fun little diversion for us and our lovesick kitties, nothing to stress out about.
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I think we should have made this into a contest!

Who can make the most pathetic valentine card that even your cat wouldn't look at!

I think I will stick to that theme as I create mine!

(**rubs hands together in delight**)

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I think I already made the most pathetic ones. So I win hands down!!!
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Hey!! No fair...you haven't even seen my miserable creation! No votes till Feb. 14th!

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I'm sneakily logged on at work, as we are having access problems at home - so my "cards" will probably just be some terrible poetry (and I do mean terrible). Be afraid, be very afraid.
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I will see the Valentines through so if any of you want help just email me!!! I think you are all wonderful for grabbing this with both hands and doing such a fine job! It is fun and the sillier the better! I have quiet a few programs for design that I can use if you need me too!

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Not being gifted with exceptional computer skills and my poetry is confined to bathroom walls, all that I can say is: thank goodness for Yahoo Greetings!
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Here here!!!!!!

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Yahoo greetings and the other card sites have very cute animated cards with music. They pre-made cards sent in so far are pretty cool!

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OK all you procrasinators....you only have until Thursday (preferably much sooner!) to get all those card in to Ginger at Valentines@kittyoats.com I'm sending my last one off to her either tonight or tomorrow!

How is everyone else's card coming??
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I've been away for too long....I can't figure out this thread.
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Mags, we signed up in the middle of January to exchange cyber Valentine's cards for out kitties, kind of like the Secret Santa, only it was our cats who were paired up instead of us members. Sorry it's too late to get involved on this one, but watch on Friday for Ginger to post a thread about all of our silly cards from love-lorn kitties. Should be good for a few laughs!
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Valentine's are due SOON!
Please don't wait until the last minute to send in the cards if you can help it. They are due on the 12th which is Wednesday. This will give me all day Thursday to upload them to the Valentine's website
So far the cards are really cute Can't wait till everyone gets to see them
Here's the email address to send them to again...Valentines@KittyOats.Com

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I thought I better bump this....
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Good timing Michelle and Ginger! Great minds think alike!!!

I can't wait for Valentines day!!!! I am so excited!!!!!
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