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fixed cat acting pregnant

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ok i know this sounds crazy but my 2 year old cat who has been fixed for almost a year is acting like she did when she was pregnant is this normal do cats still have a period cycle or is it over once they are fixed (she is fine physiclly) it seens like she is PMSing.
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When a queen is altered, my understanding is that her reproductive organs are entirely removed. In other words, I've never heard of a tubal ligation for a feline

Therefore, without the benefit of her ovaries or uterus, she shouldn't still be cycling. If you suspect for any reason that she *is,* I think it would be a good idea to take her to a *different* vet than the one who spayed her.

Chances are good that she's not cycling if she's supposed to be spayed, but that's what I would do to be sure
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No, once a female is spayed she shows no signs of heat - everything is taken out.

Ling was spayed. After about a year, she started showing signs of being in heat - full heat! She had to be reopened and a few cysts were found near where the ovaries were - she's fine now after the 2nd spaying!

If she's showing signs of pregnancy, then I'd have a vet look at her - it could be FIP or something not as bad.
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My son had a female kitty like that...
we were told that a tiny piece of uterine tissue was accidentally left during her spay...
she showed signs of being PG...

Because so much time has passed since your kitty's surgery,
I would have your vet do a complete physical to rule out anything serious.
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