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Pictures of Ernie's tummy...please look

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Here are some pictures of Ernie. I called the vet and they said maybe its the worms that are dying....after 4 days?!?! Then she says maybe I fed him too much, after I told her he is not really eating much. (this was not to the vet I originally saw by the way, she was working at the time). Well I am trying to wait to go on sat as cant go twice this week, but please tell me what you think.



Please see here for his story thus far

just wanted everyone to look at these pictures and I could not see a way to add that I had pictures to the original thread.
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Has he been vomiting? And has he been going to the litter box (poos) like he usually does? I've heard of cats having worms so bad that their bowels can be blocked...but I don't know if that applies before or after deworming! Worm meds can cause them to bloat with gas sometimes...but I've never saw it after 4 days! If it were me, I'd take him in sooner than Saturday.
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Ive never seen a kitty do that from worming! He looks pretty distended. How long have you had him? I cant get a pic on there otherwise Id show you a pic of my kitty who also has a swollen belly! Does his belly feel full?
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he has not been eating today but seems to be using the bathroom ok. His stomach does feel full but not at all hard, very soft actually. It seems to have happened almost over night. I have had Ernie for just about a month now and it has really been one thing after another, i really hope he just gets better. The vet said he has a URI but he has been on antibiotics for 10 days now and his sneezing and gum infection have gone away but the sound you hear when breathing (like mucus on the chest) has gotten a little worse and now this big belly.

I Just dont know what to do. I love my kitten but the trips to the vet are adding up. In the last month I have spent over $500. I know having a pet cost money but i never imagined we would be spending this much so soon and so quickly. I want to take Ernie to the vet now, but getting their is hard (dont drive) and going twice in one week is not possible right now
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