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all of mine

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refusing to pose as usual



and Autumn

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Gorgeous as ever Eithne!
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I just adore Bumper's little ruffled paws Your cats are just plain gorgeous.
post #4 of 20 looking extreeeeeemely seductive in that first photo...very "come hither."

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Just Gorgeous Eithne Autumn has the funniest expressions
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But of course they're all gorgeous!
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They're darling! Mags is beautiful!
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They're all adorable, but Bumper is my favorite...I just want to kiss that little pink nose.
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Great pics, as usual, of gorgeous babies.
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Absolutely gorgeous kitties!!
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Awww, such beautiful babies!!!
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This has got to be the funniest expression i've seen in a while

Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post

Omg they are all so beautiful!!! I LOOVE fluffy longhairs, we've never had one. You must be brushing them day in and out
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You have such a beautiful fur crew!
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aww gorgeous!!!
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Autumn's expressions just crack me up everytime!

I just adore them all... but I have to say Boomer & Bumper are my loves
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another one of those not fair, cant get the pics to load at work, will have to check at home
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Usually it is photobucket that people can't load at work, not flickr
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They are all gorgeous babies!
A kiss for each.
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Each one of your kitties is devastatingly beautiful.
Your gorgeous photos really capture each cats personality.
Great job.
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Aww what a sweet & beautiful kitty family you have :
Thank you for sharing their photos, can't wait to see more!
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