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Just An Update On Pickles

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Hi all well I just got off the phone with the doctors. For those of you don't know my buddy Pickles has a mass on his side and they removed a pint of fluid from it this past Friday. He also is a squamous cell survivor, so if you would like to read about him just type in squamous cell and Pickles and you can read all about him. Ok, well the drs. called and said they believe they can remove the lump, at this point they don't believe it to be cancer, he has a few other issues going on, (trying to remember all they said), they said he has a renial problem and something to do with his protein, but there not sure if these tests are off because of the fluid that is going to his lump. Well they agree the dr.s and the surgeon that they can remove this lump, it will be a long recovery, but they think it can be done, and then we can address his other issues. There not sure what there dealing with until they look inside. I asked the dr. if he thought I was making the right choice, by putting him through the surgery and he believes we will have a good outcome. I told him I just don't want him to be in pain and suffer, he said he didn't think he was in any pain. He is a very happy go lucky cat. So he should be going in on Wednesday for the surgery, and hopefully if all goes well they said he should be home Thursday nite. So if you could keep pickles in your thoughts, and send some good thoughts his way I would be forever grateful. I am glad there is a place like this online, that you can go to. I will let everyone know hopefully Thursday how he is. I am just hoping I am doing the right thing for him. I know in my heart I should do all that is possible, I just hope that is what he would want. Well thanks for listening. I'll check back soon.
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Sending you and Pickles lots of healing vibes.
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It sounds like Pickles is a fighter with a strong thirst for life. That helps tons. I'm sending good vibes for his surgery.
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I will be praying for pickles and for you too!!

Vibes, prayers, and love for pickles!!

hugs, prayer, and love for you!!
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More vibes and positive thoughts for a successful surgery for Pickles and a speedy recovery.

Hugs to both of you.
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You and your vets have obviously considered this all very carefully, and you have Pickles' best interests at heart. Good luck for the surgery.
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