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We used to put up a fake tree because its not so messy. But we haven't decorated since we moved into our house 3 years ago. We decided to give our tree to a family that didn't have one, just wanted to spread some christmas cheer! We even bought them brand new ornaments to start off their tree
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Well, for the past two years I mhave had a really lovely artificial tree - my first ever! I do miss the fresh tree fragrance, and I was also REALLY surprised at how much work it was to put together, fluff, etc - hey, I thought it was supposed to be fast and easy! This year, I did think about a fresh tree - but - I also am anxious to put the tree up - in fact I hope to do it next week because I have a four day weekend! So, artifical makes more sense because of the length of time it will be up. And then there is Big Mo the Monster Man...whatever I do, he will try to climb, etc.
I think my compromise will be to buy a Norfolk pine (living) and put my cat and bird ornaments on that tree!
Those upside down trees were originally meant to display Christmas ornaments in "holiday" shops. (I believe) It gave the store more floor space, etc and showed off the ornaments because the would hang "free" of the tree! The first time that I saw one of those trees was back in the 70's. I went to visit my college sorority sister in Virginia and she had one hanging from the guest bedroom ceiling filled with ornaments! She owned a craft shop on Alexandria, VA. and had brought it home from the shop because she loved Christmas so much!
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For people who love the fresh pine scent but are using artificial trees...after my parents got an artificial tree, we would still go to the christmas tree lots and got fresh boughs (they were usually free, but sometimes we had to pay a few dollars). Most tree places do try to shape the trees and have tons of fresh cut pine. We used it to decorate the mantle and bookcases, but they can be formed into wreaths, put in arrangements, etc. That way, the house still smelled like Christmas.
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We always had fake trees when I was a kid, when I got married, we would go and cut our own tree. we have several farms in our area,now I have this
awesome 6ft. fake, already put together, on it's own stand switch looks like a tree trunk, the branches fold upward to store and when you bring it out, all ya do is push them back down. I love it it's perfect!
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What is it with those 'upside down' trees they sell at certain stores? I can't help but feel it's an subtle insult to Christian believing peoples from an anti religeous country' such as China. What do YOU think about it???
Oddly enough, it's a tradition in some parts of northern Germany and Scandinavia to hang trees upside down from the ceiling. A lot of cat guardians have adopted the practice.
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We have mostly only used the fake ones. Less mess and I don't really see a reason to go cut one down every year.
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