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Tummy rubs

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My two boys (neutered) Furrari and Elijah love to have their tummies rubbed. In fact Eli doesn't want me to stop. Freya (my spayed girl) likes it for a finite length of time then the claws come out.

Do your cats love or hate tummy rubs?
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My indoor boys love it, the outdoor boys (one a former stray and the other a semi feral) are more guarded about their bellies. They want me to rub them, but will scratch me if I try.
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Seamus has only recently become comfortable enough to fully expose his underside while laying down with me, after 2 years. He likes when I rub under his chin and chest area, but if I go too low, he gets right up. In time, with how comfortable he's been becoming lately, I have a feeling he'll just let me do whatever to him and not care.
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Whisper loves tummy rubs!

Reagan used to hate them until DH found his "special" way of doing them. Then she started to tolerate, and now she *adores* her tummy rubs.

Molly I don't think is the type who will ever get used to them.

I tried some rubs on Baloo outside earlier and he seemed hesitant about them, though he spends most of his time on his back when he's around people and relaxed.
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Baby Girl loves 'em! She'll get down on the floor and wriggle around, purring like a little motor. Such a lovebug, that girl! (Also, fast paws, door-darter, and constant tester of gravity. But I love her!)

I don't even think about it with Tiny--I'm lucky if I get to scratch his head, much less touch any of the rest of him! Had to brush him down--shedding season--and that was such an ordeal... wow, thank goodness he's a shorthair.
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My 3 kittens love tummy rubs, they all purr loudly and lick my hand/arm as I rub. I'm usually the one to end it, then they yell at me
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Our little shy girl, Morgan, loves her belly rubbed/kneaded. Dash however either hates it or thinks we are trying to play with him. He claws and nips at us.
One of the outdoor cats, Mac, LOVES his belly rubbed! the other cats never offered though. They prefer scratches on the top of the head.
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I know better than to try tummy rubs with Katie, Gracie or Peter. Claire, however, totally loves them.
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Gracie and Elliott love them.
If I tried it with Annabelle, she'd shred my hand!
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Mika isn't so keen on them, but Bijou will quite happily lay on his back, back legs extended, front paws curled up and let us do raspberries on his belly.
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Zane asks for them, then claws and bites when he gets one. I've learned not to give in when he rolls over as if to say, "Please rub my tummy!"
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Wesley used to hate it but now for some reason he does not mind it at all! And our new kitten, Sox, is too playful right now so anything that moves, she loves to play with so no tummy rubbing yet!
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my damian hates his tummy touched. if you feel like being biten and scratched, touch his tummy. my max loves his little tummy rubbed.
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I've read that tummy rubbing is a form of affection and they trust you. But anyways, Jade and Carmella both don't mind tummy rubs at all. They like it. Carmella is so mild and mellow that if I playfully pinch her tail, she'd lick me to tell me to 'stop' but never bite me. Carmella licks you like a dog, licking in cats I've read is one of the highest forms of affection. Jade doesn't lick, but rubs against you and purrs and rubs his head against you as you pet him.

So, none of my cats have a mean bone in thier body. I'm proud to have sweet cats, lol. Both cats are very social-able and "vocal." (Would be nice if I knew what my cats were saying!)

But they don't mind how you pet them. They just love attention!
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