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4 hour car trip

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Over thanksgiving, I will be taking Riley to the in-laws with me. The drive is about 4 hours. Riley has done wonderful in the car on his few vet trips, and one trip to petsmart. He sits quietly in his carrier, looking around, not crying, no vomiting, etc.

Is it best not to feed him before the drive, even though he has no problems on short trips? Will he need any sort of bathroom break during a 4 hour trip, or is it ok for him to "hold it" that long if he doesn't eat before we go?
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If you don't feed or water him, he should go 4 hours.
Why not buy a throw away litterbox?
Mine seem to poop the first 5-10 minutes of travel.
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I would not feed/water during a 4 hr trip. But just in case Riley goes in the carrier - have a plastic bag, paper towels and extra towel in case you need to clean out the carrier.

Charlie is a show cat - he doesn't eat while traveling - only after we get to the show or hotel (whichever is first)
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I'll bring extra supplies, just in case. I don't think he will have any problems in the car, but he's never been on a trip this long, so just in case!
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The poor kitties of TCS must all be traveling for Thanksgiving. I'm taking Jordan on a 6 hour trip with me. I'm lucky in that I can borrow a carrier from the shelter I volunteer at, so I plan on borrowing a big carrier that has enough room for a small litter box in it.
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I routinely take my girls on 2.5 hr car trips from college town to home town. I usually keep mine in their cage the whole time b/c I'm paranoid about them flying out the window if there were to be an accident. Anyway, I don't really do anything special, no food/water during the trip, no bathroom breaks, and have yet to run into a problem. (Knock on wood) They usually sleep the whole ride.
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I'm sure they get used to it. What scares me is the idea that the longest trip my Jordan has ever been on wa a 1/2 trip to the e-vet & now we are going to be doing a 6 hour trip.
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Well for christmas we are making a 2 Day trip to Oklahoma, so this 4 hour trip will be a good test of how Riley will handle the long trip!
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