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Favorite hot beverage

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The food thread got me thinking about drinks to go with the edibles. So what is you're favorite hot drink (this being November and all)?

Lately I've been on a hot tea kick. Numi's Monkey King Jasmine & Green Tea is my current favorite. Others in the cupboard are Stash Chai Spice Decaf, Twinnings Lapsang Souchong, Twinnings Darjeeling and Choice Organic Ban Cha. I just realized I'm out of Earl Grey! Note to self - buy more!
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Hot chocolate is really the only hot drink I will have. I've tried other things, I just haven't found anything else that I like.
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Mmmm, hot beverages! I love a good cup of English Breakfast tea, Constant Comment from Bigelow....and a chocolaty beverage that we get at Wal mart called Abulita....mmmmm!
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I like sleepy time tea by Celestial Seasonings.
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Ooo, yes, Sleepytime Tea is so relaxing and yummy, too!
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I have a list.

Hot Black Tea, sweetened
Hot Cocoa, extra marshmallows!
Chocolate, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Pumpkin or Eggnog Cappuccinos, with whipped cream!
Vanilla or Chocolate Coffee, extra cream
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Hot chocolate
Coffee with hot chocolate mix in it.
Pumpkin Pie Spice Latte from Starbucks!
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For the holidays, hot apple cider!! Even better if it is spiked with rum
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Hot chocolate is the only hot drink I like.
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It depends on my mood.

If I'm having a chocolate craving I'll make some hot chocolate with cocoa powder and splenda.

In the evening or during the night if I'm awake I'll either have decaf coffee with milk. Or a "Celestial" berry flavoured tea with some splenda in it. Occasionaly I'll have Tetley tea with milk, but not often because I don't tolerate caffeine very well.
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My favourite tea at the moment is Rishi Pu-erh Tuo Cha
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Mint hot chocolate.
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I don't like any hot drinks.
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Coffee, and Hot cocoa, Tea, and Pumpkin spice Latte from Starbucks
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Coffee, both hot and iced. I also like the occassional hot tea, but I like that mostly cold.
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I love tea! Especially Chai tea.
Actually, my favorite is probably soy milk chai latte.

I also recently bought an assortment of Inuit herbal teas and I just love them. Often I find herbal teas smell much better than they taste, but these ones taste as good as they smell.
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Hot chocolate, coffee or Chai Latte
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Tea, Earl Grey, hot... as the second-best captain of the Enterprise would say.

Also hot chocolate! And ever since the Polar Express movie, I can't drink it without hearing Tom Hanks do that terrific "Hot Chocolate" number!
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I almost forgot... I love spicy hot chocolate, made on the stove with a cinnamon stick, cloves and a dried hot pepper. When you get just the right amount of spicy, it's really awesome!
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Coffee coffee coffee!!!!

Starbucks has this tasty seasonal Peppermint Mocha. Mmmmmm.

Or tea with milk and honey.
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Hot chocolate with marshmallows!!!
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Pumpkin Spice Latte' from Starbucks!!! But since i really don't go out to eat much at all - i only get those maybe a few times a year max. I also LOVE their Chai Latte's with a triple shot of espresso

I also LOVE my sister's homemade hot chocolate She gives me a big baggie of it every year and then i add whipped cream and butterscotch topping to it it's AWESOME!

My mom makes homemade Russian Spice Tea that's AMAZING!!! I have a whole jar of the mix in my cabinet!

I also love apple spice tea! I make it all the time! Any kind of coffee concoction i normally make at home to save money! I dress them up all fancy too with whipped cream and different toppings!
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Chai Latte w/ a shot of espresso
Hot chocolate
Hot apple cider
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Coffee!! Also lattes and cappuccinos
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
My mom makes homemade Russian Spice Tea that's AMAZING!!! I have a whole jar of the mix in my cabinet!
Will she share the recipe? I love spice teas!

I love a good Chai Latte. I'm really going to have to try the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks....everybody here seems to be liking it. I drink my hazelnut coffee with sugarfree hazelnut coffeemate creamer in it every morning.
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Tea - we have lots of different kinds (but all have caffine in them). I get mainly the Bigelow teas and mix them up in my little Tea House so you get a different tea every time

Second fav is hot chocolate - made with milk and Nestles Quick! (and marshmellows)
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Hot tea here! I buy it loose and really enjoy various Assams and Ceylons. I also like tea from the Yunnan region!
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mmmm hot cider for sure!
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Oregan Chai tea lattes! Yum! Second, anybody else's chai tea latte, lol. Then, cocoa with marshmallows...
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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
Will she share the recipe? I love spice teas!
I will ask her!

until then though, this one sounds a little similar to her's but not the exact same if you want to try it. I believe she adds red hot candies to it for the kiddos!

I know she adds Tang (the orange powder drink), sugar, tea, ground cinnamon, ground cloves to it- but i believe she adds other stuff too! I'll ask the next time i talk to her!

here's the recipe link to the one that sounds a little like my mom's
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