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Thanksgiving is a'coming!

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Gonna be a strange one this year....since Hub's mom died in 2004, his brother bought her house, and we've still gone there for Thanksgiving and Christmas, well, since his brother died a couple of months ago, looks like the holidays are up in the air this year.....neither Charlie or his sister want's to go back (and have to deal with our pain in the butt SIL), so just aren't sure yet what we're going to do......anyone else going to displaced for the holidays? Maybe we all need to get together.!
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Well, it's just DH and I. We're always alone on the actual day--but we go up to his parents' on the Saturday after (his mom usually works Thanksgiving Day). This year, she has to work the long weekend, so we'll be alone then, too. I have family in the area, but they all hate DH and I (since Christmas a few years ago--family dispute, and they're siding with the family wrong-doer that hurt DH and I), so they have shunned us. They no longer invite us to "family" gatherings; ignore us in stores, don't tell us when babies are born in the family, etc. They also are angry with me for leaving Mom to get married (seriously); my brothers thought I should've stayed at home to care for her until she died. I still speak to my Mom (who was at the center of this family problem), but only because she's my Mom. I still have her over for dinner, etc. the rest of the year. (DH doesn't like her at all, but is very nice to her, though.)

I envy all of you that have family that get along, and celebrate togther. It gets pretty lonely here at holidays, since we have no kids. Thank God for the cats...they are our family (apart from my wonderful, generous in-laws, whom I adore).
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im cooking at home, then seeing the family over the weekend.
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I'm going to mom's like I do every year
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Relatives from Mom's side of the family are meeting at sister's church hall for dinner. Sis refuses to host 50+ people at her place anymore.
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We have to move 4 weeks after Christmas, so my parents are not asking for presents because it's more to pack (unless it's flat and has $$$ on it lol)

We also don't want my aunt and uncle (mums brother) over this year. The only reason we see them is so that they can bring grandma to us as she doesn't drive, or so that we can get a lift from her house. We alternate houses each year. They are snobby and can be really rude to grandma. She is on a pension and she buys beautiful gifts. She bought them some luxurious fluffy towels for their new house last year, and they gave them back because it didn't match the colour of their posh bathroom! My uncle also never calls to see how we are, he only calls once a year to say "what do you want for christmas and when are we picking you up/coming over?".

Also since being with Tristan, i haven't been to my nanas in a couple of years. The whole day is spent trying to ignore various members who are religious nuts, and a cousin close to my age who never says hello/goodbye/how are you to me and my parents, and sleeps on the couch half the time, and always showing off the toys his rich Greek grandparents throw at him because he doesn't appreciate the simpler things in life.

I had to add that, because we don't celebrate thanksgiving in Oz, i hope you don't mind me changing it to Christmas instead.
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