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Tigger doesn't drink his water.......

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My 9yo orange tabby male eats only wet food. I give him a 3 oz can in the morning and 3 oz can at night. He used to eat only dry food, but he started to exhibit diabetic symptoms (peed a lot, threw up a lot, drank lots of water, getting fat). Now that I switched him to all wet food (he's been on the wet food diet for about 5 months now) he seems to be in way better condition. He lost some weight (he looks like a fit cat), his fur is shiny, he seems more active, his "kitty acne" on his chin healed completely, he uses the bathroom much less, and barely throws up (only throws up if he eats too fast). However, my concern is, I barely ever see him drink his water. I give him fresh water every morning but never see him drink it (nor does the water level go down). Is this okay? Is it because there's a lot of water in the canned food already? I feed him Fancy Feast Gourmet Chicken Feast. He goes to the bathroom everyday and doesn't appear to have any problems (he doesn't strain or appear constipated). I feed him "dental" treats to keep his teeth clean.

Also, I've noticed that he is getting black spots on his lips. Being that he is an orange tabby, I've heard that these are pretty much freckles. Is that what it is? They don't seem to give him any discomfort....he eats his food fine and he eats his hard dental treats fine. Do I have anything to worry about?
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He needs to have the vet check ///

cats naturally dont drink much water and he is getting alot of moisture in his wet food
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Tigger sounds quite healthy to me, and yes, the dark spots are normal pigmentation for orange/yellow cats as they age (this happens in lions as well; as they get older, their noses darken). He is probably getting adequate moisture from his food, but if you are concerned, you might call his vet and ask if (s)he thinks he is getting enough water. Good luck, and thank you for being so caring and concerned for your cat!
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If you are concerned I add a teaspoon or so of water with my food
I put down. By the way, mine also eats the same FF gourmet chicken feast
as you. At least I feel better that they consuming more water
and they dont seem to notice.
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Remember that a lot of canned foods are something like 75% water/moisture. Kind of like how you feel more thirsty after you eat a bunch of crackers, compared to a soup
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