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Is this you first Christmas/Hanukah/etc. with you kitty?

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It's my first Christmas with my boys!

I'm really excited because I'm going home for a few days (as much as my retail job will allow) and my Mom said that I could take the boys with me. I won't be opening up presents with them, probably, because I think we'll be doing that at my sister's house. She has 2 kitties and a dog, and it probably wouldn't do for an all-animal get-together just to open presents. Unless we want to lose the tree and some of our gifts.

My Dad's coming in from Florida and will be meeting Loki and Possum for the first time, too. He's really looking forward to it. I'm a little worried that the boys won't like the traveling, but I'd rather not leave them at home. Loki lived at my Mom's with me for nearly 2 weeks, so he might remember the place, but Possum has ever been there and will probably hide. Neither much like the car.

I want to get stockings for the boys, but I haven't really been able to find some that don't look cheap and are affordable. I saw some yesterday that were 8 bucks apiece, but looked liked they'd fall apart easily. I've already picked up some catnip candy canes to put in their non-existant stockings!

Hopefully, Santa Claws will bring them a cat tree this year!

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Awwww, the first Christmas! How special

Trout and I will have our third Christmas together this year
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It'll be PJ & Punky's first Christmas & their first with me....I'm assuming no one will adopt them by then.

Otherwise, it'll be on to the multiples for everyone else but Molly. It's her first Christmas with me. Her last one was spent in a cage.
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Sure is for 2 of our cats!!!!!

Stuart's first Christmas and Leya's first Christmas with us! She was with a bad family for Christmas last year
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Her last one was spent in a cage.
Originally Posted by EnzoLeya View Post
She was with a bad family for Christmas last year

I'm pretty sure Possum was with his foster mom for Christmas, so he was in a good place. However, Loki spent last Christmas in a cage at the Humane Society because his owners surrendered him there 5 days before Christmas! How awful!

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This will be our first Christmas with Lucia she's 10 months old and with Mario who is 9 years old
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This will be our second Christmas with Leo, Tabitha, and Spooky Bear and will be our first with everyone else!
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First Christmas with my kitties, nope.....will be the first with a kitten we found who is about 8 weeks old now.....could be fun! Will also be the first in 14 years without my Rusty.....8 without Rurnt and the 3rd without will be a bit sad too
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Sophie and Mollie are old hands (feet, paws, tails and teeth) at Christmas! Cosmo will be having his first Christmas - and so I have all ready gone out and purchased plastic ornaments for the tree. I cannot run the risk of him climbing the tree and breaking any ornaments. I have several hundred - and some go back to the 1800's (I've collected them over many years) - plus ornaments from my childhood Christmas trees. So, in honor of Big Mo, our tree this year will only have "unbreakables" on it! I just know he is a climber!
Oher than that, I can't wait to see what his antics will be!
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Riley was only 10 days old for last christmas and living in a dumpster beside the highway somewhere... and I spent my first kitty-less christmas last year, my Alley having passed only weeks before, so this year will hopefully be different for both of us now that we are together

I'm hoping santa can bring him a big cat tree, because the poor boy does his best to balance on top his scratching post to watch the birds outside, but it just doesn't work too well
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It is Autumn's first Christmas with us, but the others we have had for at least two Christmas seasons
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Yep! First Christmas! He'll have fun with the tree, no doubt.
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Zoeys third xmas as we got her the sat after thanksgiving in 04... Gigi it will be her 7th ... No Kandie for the first time in 19 yrs
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This will be our first Yule/Christmas with all four. We had Whisper last year before Christmas, but we spent the holidays in Ohio with my family, and he stayed behind here in Indiana, with our ex-room mates. This year it's going to be our first year all together, and I'm really looking forward to it. Dozer went to Ohio with us, and he was *really* good (no tinsel poop!).

It's Reagan I'm most worried about with the tree. I think she's inclined to eat tinsel, but we'll have to see. She loves the taste of plastic
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This is our 1st with Tonka
Our 3rd with Tiger and 2nd with the cat brats!

Last year the CB gang were only a couple months old which made for a VERY active Christmas
This year they're older so I'm hoping I can keep ornaments on the tree
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For my kitties - Miagi's 3rd Christmas with us (adopted him at 9 months 2004) Tiger's 2nd Christmas with us (adopted at 3 years in 2005)

dogs - Rocky's 11th Christmas with us (got him when he was 8 weeks in 1996 or 1997?) , Jenny's 9th Christmas with us (got her when she was 8 weeks in 1998) Ginger's 5th? Christmas with us (inherted her in 2003 when my grandma passed away) , and Buster's 3rd Christmas with us (got him when he was a few months old)

the first Christmas is always so special. Enjoy it!

plus, every holiday is so special with your babies especially on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
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First christmas with my first kitty ever! God I hope he doesn't be a pain and screw around the fake tree much or he's gonna be one soaked kitty from discipline water blasts.
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Coriander's second and Fina's fourth... our first with Izobelle (foster) and her 5 kittens!
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This will be the first Christmas for Sassy and Prince, but the second for Katie!! It ought to be real interesting with three this year, because I only had two last year and lost several ornaments that hung near the bottom!!
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This will be my little boy Jack's first christmas
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It's my first Christmas with my 3 kittens, I'm sure they can't wait for the tree to go up
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This will be Cleos second christmas, Charlies ninth and if Jazzy was around, it would be her third.
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It's been several years for Sibohan and the tree, she loves the tree, she likes to hide under it and attack the unsuspecting passersby at ankle level.

We are concerned this year about the dog's reaction to the tree. She chews everything so we are going to try it.
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This is the first Christmas for Shilo & Sadee
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It'll be Nikita's second Christmas but I won't be having Christmas with her and didn't last year either.

I travel to a different country to be with my family and she's boarded a cattery for 2 weeks while I'm gone poor girl.

So yeah, she doesn't like Christmas, the cattery is a really good one and the people there are lovely but it's still a cattery.
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Maverick has celebrated 11 Christmases w/ me, Gabriel 10, Winchester 2, and Geronimo & Spencer 1. If I have my way about it, Stubby & Jasper will be celebrating their 1st Christmas w/ us too!

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