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Any spare good thoughts would be appreciated here

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Can I ask people to spare good thoughts and prayers right now, there has been a train derailment at Waterfall, a town just south of Sydney.

So far 8 people are confirmed dead, 16 seriously injured and probably another 20 are still trapped in the train (the accident happened 5 hours ago). The train was going out of the city, so fortunately wasn't full, but they are estimating about 80 people were on board.

The area is almost inaccessible for rescue vehicles, paramedics are having to walk 1.5km with equipment, helicopters are unable to land (the rail track is on a cutting, so there is a fairly steep cliff)so are winching the seriously injured out, to get them to a hospital.

It's pretty awful, prayers and good thoughts would be appreciated.


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Oh my, after the NC incident, and now this. Horrible.

I will be praying.
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Oh No! I'm sending prayers their way...I hope that it is much better than what they are anticipating!
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Naomi -

That's just awful! Prayers going out for those on the train and those who are helping with the rescue as well as the doctors who are caring for the victims...
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Prayers heading your way....
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Prayers and good thoughts to all those involved. May angels watch over them.
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Positive energy to those who need it - those still trapped and those who are working to save them, and of course for the families of those already confirmed dead.
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Positive thoughts and prayers are on the way!!
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All of those in the train, as well as their family members are in my prayers. It is beginning to look like we need a prayer list with all the awful things happening in the world.
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I am reading this a little late, but am sending up prayers that they have all been found and are safe!! I also am sending up a prayer for the families of the people who lost their lives, this is so sad.
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I heard a little about this on the radio this morning but they didn't give much info about it. That's just terrible!

HEAPS of positive thoughts and good wishes being sent your way!!

I hope they can get everyone rescued without any further fatalities or serious injuries.
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Prayers and positive thoughts coming to Australia!
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you're kind thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated here.

The news now says 9 people are dead, 39 are injured.

The rescue and emergency services people are doing an amazing job. It makes me shudder, to think of these people who were just ordinary people going to work or uni or visiting family, have their life taken so quickly. And those who have survived, who have to live with this for the rest of their lives.

My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected.

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OMG thats awful! My prayers to everyone.
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I'm so sorry to hear about this! My positive thoughts and prayers are coming a little late, but I hope they help those in need.
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