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Any plastic ID tags?

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After a lot of trial and error and different medications etc, I have determined that Bonaparte is allergic to metal, and that his collar with its metal bell, clips and ID tag were what has been causing him to come up in bumps and to scratch his chest and neck raw.

He goes out for a few hours per day and I do not want him out without a collar. I have a plastic breakaway one on him now, without the bell, but he has no ID apart from his chip, and that is not enough. I cannot find any plastic ID tags here - does anyone know where I could get one?
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You have to order them. Both our local vet and petstore have flyers that you can order plastic tags in. People want the plastic ones because they don't make noise. Just ask your vet, otherwise you can probably find them online.
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I ordered mine through an ebay seller located in the UK - she has hundreds of custom patterns.
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what about perm marker on the collar??
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What about those sparkly tag covers I sometimes see about?
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Have you tried different types of metals? Tags can be made out of aluminum, steel, and brass. Very few are allergic to all metals but aluminum allergies are common. The cheapest most common tags are also aluminum but most places that carry those should be able to get the sturdier and slightly more expensive steel tags. I don't know about there but any vet office or shelter here will have a display of various sizes of tags in various meterials for different prices.

There are tons of places to order tags in the US but I don't know about other countries or whether most are willing to ship there. I do know Boomerangtags will ship overseas for an extra fee. http://www.boomerangtags.com/page.ph...h#free_postage
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Thanks for the ideas. My vet doesn't do tags, and I have asked at a number of key cutters/pet shops that sell the metal ones. I will try ebay - that sounds a good idea. I don't think marking the collar would be clear enough - his collar is a soft woven one as the hard plastic ones irritate him.
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