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Cat play-fighting

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I am looking after a littler of five month old kittens right now in our storefront and I have noticed some interesting behavior and I am curious if I am projecting my impressions or if I am actually seeing what I am seeing.

BTW - I have pics in my camera phone, but I need to figure out how to get them HERE!

OK - the cats are: larger black male with white on belly is Pittsie, smaller black with white on belly is Shy-Shy ( aptly named b/c she is), BT is a brown tabby male and Checkers is a black and white male.

BT seems to be the alpha - outgoing, rambunctious, curious with a capital C; Pitts seems to be the Beta and others fall in line behind.

Anyway- when BT and Pitts wrestle they really go at it - like two little lion cubs; But Pitts also wrestles with Shy; Checkers hasn't felt well and really doesn't get into it. What I have noticed is that Pitts wrestles differently with Shy than with BT. He seems to be very gentle with her, and more roughhouse with BT. It's like he seems to know that she is more timid -tho' she does instigate the tussling.... but with BT, Pitts and BT really take it up a notch or two. Am I imagining the different behaviors with the different sibs?

ALSO - do cats mimic human behavior sometimes? I had a fast food soft drink cup with me - plastic top and straw, etc. They were fascinated with me drinking from the straw so I let them investigate the cup. Mostly they just sniffed at it, except for BT, who is a very smart little boy. He sniffed and then promptly put his lips on the straw opening - them removed them... did it again, like he was trying to drink from the straw... it was hilarious!!

Finally he bit down and pulled out the straw. I let him play with it till it fell behind the storage bench -- dirty-dirty!!! he was frantic trying to get it out, to no avail

Thanks for your feedback. These guys are wonderful babies! I have become quite attached, as has my boyfriend.
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No, you're not imagining the difference in the tussling.
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Yep. Cats can sense human attitudes--is it any wonder they can sense each others' too?
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