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My Cat is constipated

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My cat is constipated and am looking for a wy to unstop him. He's 17yrs. old and failing health. He also had a bad reaction to some bargan kitty whipes. He walks off balance and is not eating much. Does anyone have any ideas?
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I'll move this to the health forum, but he should really see a vet to get checked out asap
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I would call the vet right away. Popsie has had trouble with constipation and he's been to the vet twice for it. They kept him for the day, gave him fluids under the skin and an enema. They also gave me lactulose drops to give daily that softens his poop. This is a common problem for older cats but there are was to avoid it. Like I said though, I'd get him to the vet. Hope your baby gets better.
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Yes, I agree - please get him to the vet. He must be terribly uncomfortable.
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My cat Sammy has been a bit bunged up lately. The vet said to sprinkle some bran on his food.. it solved the problem. But I agree, seek the vet's advice to be sure.
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Take him to the vet. Most likely he'll get an enema. Then buy him a water fountain (he'll drink more water) and feed him a good quality canned food--grain free or as close to grain free as you can. The ones you find in the grocery store usually have sugar in them, which isn't good for constipated cats. Wellness, Merrick, Natural Balance, Timberwolf Organics are a few good ones.

Tink, who is siamese (the breed is prone to constipation) was chronically constipated--painful cramps, 3 emergency trips to the vet, and at the last, he was having only one good day or so a week. I bought a water fountain and switched him to Wellness about 6 months ago and he hasn't had a problem since.

I hope he feels better soon!
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