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Nursemaid Peep

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He's such a love with the babies. Twix weaned them at about eight weeks (including completely removing herself from them, she rarely plays or touches any cat), so Peep and, more recently, Tucker took up the job of being official moms. They're gentle and loving towards them, always snuggling and playing. Peep even lets them "nurse" from him. Those kittens are luckier than they'll ever know...after all, they have three moms!

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Awwww how sweet. What great kitties you have.
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Awwww isn't that precious
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Awww how sweet, what beautiful pictures.
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Awww how cute is that! I just want to hug them!
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The kitten is bigger than he is

That is so sweet!
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That is so sweet
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We had a cat like Twix. At 8 weeks Sheba weaned her kittens completely and Solomon, their father, would take over.
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Aww...there is nothing so sweet as kitties that love each other I'm such a fan of sweet Mr Peep!
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I am a huge fan of Peeps, he is such a sweet kitty
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oh my goodness! how CUTE!
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