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how to sell kittens

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i have just started breeding abyssinian cats (my female is visiting her boy next weekend) and i was just wondering what is the best way to sell the kittens. I really love my cats and i want to make sure they go to good homes but i need to be able to sell them. Will asking potential buyers lots of questions scare them off. Is it wise to advertise in newspapers?
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I tend to stay away from newspapers because it's usually the people who want a cat on the spur of the moment that read them. I really think the best way to go are shows, internet, and cat magazines.
I always talk to people several months before they get a kitten, and I have a very detailed contract to make sure they are well taken care of
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As a recent 'buyer' of a pedigree kitten, I wasn't scared off when the breeder asked a lot of questions - it was in fact encouraging, it showed us that she loved her cats and kittens - and she obviously invested a lot of time and love into ensuring she had excellent kittens. Our little boy was so well socialised that he sleeps in our arms like a baby, and although the russian blue is considered a 'shy' breed, he is quite outgoing.

It also meant that we felt we could ask the breeder questions as well.

She had a list of questions that she asked as standard in the first instance.

We didn't use the newspaper to find the breeder, as we found that most of those ads say things like 'pedigree, but without papers', which sets off warning bells. We eventually found the breeder online, but followed up with emails, and also met her in person prior to choosing a kitten.

Shows are also good, because I think people who show are committed to developing their breed.

Good luck!
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I don't breed and never will, but my advice would be to form a relationship with another breeder as your mentor. Look around for someone that you admire and respect.

Make sure you find the kittens good homes, and write up a contract regarding health, spay/neuter etc and also that they will be returned to you, never sold or dumped.
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I'm not a breeder either, but am on the fringe of the Australian cat fancy. I know who is who, and what's going on. I can't really advise on how to sell kittens, I personally avoid places like the Trading Post, if you PM me, I can give you some places you might try.

I will say this...keep your nose clean at all times. Avoid trouble makers like the plague. No matter what a breeder tells you, if it's unethical, don't ever do it. Cutting corners ALWAYS comes back to bite these people on the bum, believe me...I know how gossipy the Aussie cat fancy is. There are some absolutely fantastic breeders out there, and as alicat said, finding a mentor will be quite beneficial, but start off on the right footing, and never stray from that path.

If you do the right thing, you will end up with a good name, and a good name in the breeding world really counts for a lot.

Sorry, just thought of some more stuff. I've seen some breeders who are constantly advertising kittens for sale on certain forums (not this one). They're almost begging, and some of these kittens are being sold at ridiculously cheap prices, just to get them out the door. What this tells me is that these people are breeding more kittens than they can find homes for, and I don't think that's right. Another thing you mentioned about putting buyers off with questions, most genuine kitten buyers don't have a problem with a tonne of questions, don't worry about that. Never compromise, if you have a gut feeling about a person, listen to it. I've heard this said time & time again.

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I am an Aby breeder and I only advertise on the internet - through my website - www.pentaclecats.com - and I belong to www.breedlist.com. I have more inquiries than I will ever have kittens. I make the people come for an interview when my cats are expecting. They meet the cats that we are breeding and others we have bred, as well as my rescues - they see how our cats are raised and I interview them to see if I will put them on my list. If they meet my criteria (which is listed in a seven page contract) and I like them and they like my cats, I will take a $100 nonrefundable deposit to put them on my kitten list. After the kittens are born and I know which one I will keep - I go through my list and see what colors and sexes I have to sell and what people are waiting for. I sell to about one out of ever three people I meet - I will not sell to a breeder, the cats must be altered and the buyer does not get the registration until they are altered - and because I don't want my kittens to be only cats, the people usually end up adopting one of my domestic rescues as a friend for their cat. The three people I have on my waiting list presently are people that have adopted a stray from me already. Be very fussy - as I know you will be.
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Sounds like you found a good balence in selling and interviewing. What about if they need shipping and say live some distance?

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I don't ship my kittens under any conditions - I will interview long distance by phone and email and if a person is willing to fly or drive a long distance to pick up one of my kittens then I have to assume it will have a wonderful home. One of Sandie's people came from Michigan to Connecticut for one of her Munchkins. I have an Aby kitten in Florida and the kitten was picked up. There are enough people to sell my kittens to in my area and if someone from California contacts me I will suggest they check out breeders closer to them. I don't allow my kittens to be declawed either.
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Can only respect someone as dedicated as you are.

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I do ship my kittens, but I have a lady who takes them on the plane with her and delivers them to the person on the other end of the trip. I could never ship them in cargo.
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