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Show Update!

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What a productive weekend! Everybody in my crew made at least one final. The kittens were both finaled by Walter Hutzler in his speciality SH ring. Bagheera took third and Niles took ninth. They've been living the good life with my brother, and are a bit overweight. We'll get that under control with an all-wet diet. . . Niles is such a rolly-polly little showman. Too bad that kitten-belly looks so out of place with his refined face!

Bailey took seventh in Hutzler's SH ring and tenth in Doernberg's AB ring! Go Bailey! He's now the number 5 Mau in premiership and top Mau premier in the region

Oscar took second best longhair premier in two rings and one tenth in a SP ring. He's now 23 points away from granding.

Next weekend, I'll be up at Rainbow Plumes in Rhode Island.
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Congrats to everyone - great show! Our next show (ACFA) is not till end of December - hopefully Charlie will get his required finals/places to grand at the end of the show
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How wonderful everyone got something! Good luck at the next show!
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