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So sweet and touching

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As many of you already know, my parents just adopted a 3-year-old kitty they had been fostering, named Lucy. This came after many years of them being without a pet. Seeing my dad hold Lucy and reassure her and listening to my mom tell her how much they love her is so sweet and touching. I left their house yesterday all misty-eyed. Their situation with Lucy is such a wonderful example of the joy that pets can bring to peoples' lives. I'm so happy for Lucy and for them.
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She's found a wonderful home. I'm glad your parents caved, I mean, were convinced to adopt her!
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Awwww Eileen, Lucy came along at just the right time didn't she
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it really is amazing what love pets can bring into people's lives, I'm so so so so glad that Lucy's tumultuous journey has ended with your parents
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that´s terrific!...
I´m super glad for Lucy!
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Awww, that is wonderful!
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I understand... I just beam when I see my parents doing sweettalk with St. John...
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Awww that is so sweet! My grandparents got their first inside animal in over 20 years just a few years ago. They were so happy to have their little pal and they still talk about him everytime I go over there. They tell me that he is always happy to see me pull in and can't wait to say hi to me
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Oh that is so wonderful to hear! I would have been misty eyed too. It truly is amazing how much love, peace and comfort pets can bring.
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Awww its nice to see/hear about good endings
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Awww, Eileen, those are the best stories

I am so happy they found eachother and realized it was meant to be

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I love hearing things like that! I really think that it makes a huge difference to the cat, too, as though they really understand our words...
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It really is wonderful to see and I hope somehow Lucy knows she's finallly in home where she will be loved. She and my parents are going to be so good for each other!
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