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What is the biggest domestic?

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I have two wonderful cats now but I miss my last cat who passed about 10 years ago. JoJo was a rather large cat, a mix between a maine coon and a siamese. I really want another large cat and have been thinking of a maine coon. What other breeds are large? What is the largest? Thanks!
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I beleive the Maine Coon cat is the largest in the domestic area. However you could come pretty close with a Siberian or a Raggamuffin.
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Yep, you could try any of these. I think the Siberians and Maine Coons both claim the title.

Of course, size is individual and can change within the breeds too.
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ginebra.....I am so glad you have joined the forums!! I moved this thread to the breeders corner, I hope thats okay. I thought you might get more responses to your question in here!
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Siberians and Norwegian Forest Cats are bigger than Maine Coons in general - although if you go to a breeder of Maine Coons who is into size, you can get a very large Maine Coon too. I personally love the Norwegian Forest Cats if I was going to have a big breed cat because I love their personalities.
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You could always buy a Savannah or Serval cat..... they get a little bigger (oh, a lot..... 20-30 lbs) I would love to have one! Maybe someday when we have a bigger house! But, til now I will just admire the pictures of the breeders and kittens for sale! :tounge2: But, they are expensive ranging from $2000+
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i have a ragdoll, and though she is still a kitten, they are reported to get very large. 10 to 15 pounds for females and 15-20 pounds for males. they also have a great soft coat and a nice gentle personality. you should look them up. let me know what sort of cat you choose. angel
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I do not think that Savannah's or servals should live in a domestic enviroment. Most I have heard of or seen have been declawed before they are bought.
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I agree with Sandie - Savannah's and Servals are wild cats and have no business being put into a domestic environment - the breeders declaw them before they are placed - I know someone who has both and one of them got out of the house - remember, it was declawed. It was killed by a hunter because it was a wild cat. The cat was not afraid of people and had no idea it was walking into death. It was so sad. Also, their wild instincts are still very much inside of them - you can't have domestic cats living with them and the chances of having them spray - male and female are great. It's just my opinion of course, but there are an awful lot of Savannahs and Servals in our Big Cat Sanctuary in Connecticut (run by acquaintances of mine) because they never quite turn into the pet everyone wants and they can't ever be put into the wild again because they have no claws.
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What about ones that are f4's and up (or down.... farther away from the wild serval or savannah?)? Are they still wild? From what I have read, they can be domesticated and make good house pets. But, I have also read that only "experienced" cat people should own them.
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Ragdolls are the biggest Domestic house cat.
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Ragdolls are also the large breed. I know a girl that was shoing a 9 month old male who weighed 19 lbs at 9 months. I also know a woman who has beautiful and VERY large Maine Coons. If interested, let me know and I can get you in touch with her. As for the wildcats, I agree completely with Sandie and Rene. They are not domestic cats and DO NOT belong in any home. Rene and myself have wild looking cats but they are the sweetest babies and they are abys. The abys are known as couch cougars but act like dogs because they love humans and follow you around like dogs.

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19 pounds at 9 months?!?!? Holy cat!!
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Well, I don't think any wild animal should really be a pet. However there are special occasions. If an animal is injured or born and relient on humans, it can not live in the wild, so it must be kept in captivity, but not nessicerily as a pet. Any wild animal is exactly that, Wild, it should not be treated as a domestic cat, then accidents happen and the animal is killed, just because it is wild. Now if he were kept in an enclosure, maybe on a reserve, he wouldn't have been killed. I know someone who has a Serval, actually two. Well, they are illegal to have here, so they get locked up in a small bedroom with no light (the window are blacked out so people can't see in and see the Servals). They NEVER get to come out, oh wait, sometimes she sneaks them in her garage if company is comeing. They have never been outside. She hardly ever pays attention to them. Now, I ask you, is this a life for a cat? To be locked up in a spare bedroom? Also, not only are they Declawed, which is an extremly bad procedure, they are also defanged, so there go two of their defenses. Anything can make a good pet, from rats to cows, but should a wild animal be a pet?
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It makes me so sad to hear these kinds of stories. Have you thought about turning this person in? Maybe they can go to a large cat rescue. At least there, they will be safe and have a chance to be happy.
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I, too, would like a kitten from a large breed, and so far I have heard that Maine Coons and Ragdolls are the largest domestic breeds - Ragdolls apparently holding pride of place in the Guiness Book of Records, although I haven't checked!

How big does the Norwegian Forest Cat get? I haven't seen details of that one.

And finally, does anyone know of good breeders in the South East of England who breed these cats? I only know of three of four in the whole of England so far.

Many thanks for any information you can give me, and for a great place to talk cats!
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Among the biggest are the Ragdoll, Raggamuffin, Siberian, Maine Coon, and the Norweigen Forest Cat. I am unsure of breeders in England, but there's someone on this site who knows of a nice Maine Coon breeder. Her name is Elisabeth Provos. I believe you can e mail her through this site. You can also check
I am also fond of large cats and will be getting my Maine Coon at the end of May
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I don't think NFC's get extremly large. They are larger than some cats but not as big as a Coon. Wegies are mostly coat, they have massive coat when taken care of properly. Of course you can never be sure you are getting a large cat, one of my MC's has a huge father but she isn't nearly as big as most coons her age. Then I got a male who has a small mom and he is huge, so you can't be sure.
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Sandie, I'mm just green :tounge2: that you're getting a Maine Coon soon! Although since I'm writing this with my heinz 57 ginger tom, Jaffa, sitting between my arms, in front of the keyboard (and providing a chin rest at the same time) I really can't complain!

I must admit I've been looking into the breeds quite a lot over the last few days and it looks like a close run competition between the Ragdoll and the Maine Coon for sheer size ... maybe I'll be getting two kittens next time ...!
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Sandie, do you already have a Maine Coon picked out and if you do, do you have a picture?
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Yes, I have a cat and the breeder already. It took me a long time to find one that I respected and who had really nice cats. I have my contract signed and now am just waiting until he is old enough. She is waiting to see which is better show quality, but it's one of the two black smokes on her page. I am really excited and am going to see them on the 13th of April Here's the link to her page.
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Wow, those are some awesome coats! Smokes are always cool!
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That's sad about the 2 servals!
When we got Tigger, I happened to see a savannah on a picture and thought they were awesome looking cats! A local breeder who breeds bengals, is starting to breed the savannah. I think that if you have the proper home, then it is ok, such as the breeder, she has an enclosed backyard and shows pics on her website. It is awesome ..... It's setup like a jungle, with trees, running fountains, etc. Now, something like that would be good, but I agree for a normal house, then no, an animal like is living an unhappy life.

I always say if I win the powerball or lottery, I'd build a big backyard area like that for our bengals to go outside to play.
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I'm pretty sure the Siberian is the biggest. I don't remember what site I read it on, though.
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Of course, I have a plain ole' alley cat that is 21 pounds.

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Wow the 2 smokes are adorable. They will grow to be beautiful cats!

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