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traditional siamese

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Hi everyone!

I'm new to this forum. I just got what I think is a traditional Siamese cat. He has the applehead face with blue eyes, stocky build and seal point coloring. His white mitted paws lead me to believe might he be Birman, but he does not have the bushy tail or long hair. He definitely looks like a meezer, so I'm wondering if there is such a thing as a mitted Siamese. Does anyone have an idea about this?
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Each association has it's own color variations. The traditional however, which is a seal point would not have white feet. The feet should be the same color as the body but in a lighter shade. There are several variations to the points though. Unless you have papers, it is safe to assume there is siamese in the line but a possible outcross. If you want better definitions of the colors, I would go and look at http://www.tica.org or http://www.aaceinc.org. If she is a siamese and you ever want more than one kitty, plan on doing it soon..

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Howdy: and congrats on your new kitty . The traditional or applehead Siamese are the old style - big heads big bodies compared to the slim type of Siameese you see today in show halls. Linda
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Ahha, I just talked to a siamese,orienal breeder. She said it sounds like you might have a snowshoe. If we can get a picture, maybe we can get a better idea.
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