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Cats and wood floors

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Are the funniest thing I have ever seen.

Whitey is super hyper this morning and found a cruppled up piece of paper while doing sprints from the front door to the top of the stairs.

He began to pounce and punch the paper. then he got super excited and started to sprint again. Except he was starting off on the pergo floor here, so he had next to no traction.

It's been like watching a cartoon. His legs are moving, but it takes him a few seconds to go forward
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My three are like that as well on mine You can practically hear the sound that's on a Tom and Jerry cartoon when their little legs are trying to run
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LOL ! I know that well! Chynna does that all of the time. Abby tends to be pretty good at take off, but Chynna when she's having a kitten moment runs in place before she goes anywhere
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We have lino and laminate flooring, so it's fun watching the cats tear around the apartment. We like to throw treats across the floor for them to chase. It's fun for everyone to watch them slip sliding across the room!
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My three were hyper too this morning. I don't know why they like the wood floor so much but they sure like to slip and slide on it! It is so funny to watch
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One of Spaz's favorite games as a youngster was to go 'snow boarding' on my mom's throw rugs in the kitchen and dining room.

It's also quite amusing to watch two cats and a small dog playing tag, running through the dining room and kitchen, cutting two very sharp turns with no traction at full speed.
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Jenney that is too funny! I can just picture it now!
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Chuckie is the same. He's still very kittenly for an 8 year old. Of course his favourite time to go sliding down the hall is after he has a drink from the tap or a poop, then he's very excited!
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Tailer loves the wood floors in our living room. He'll sit there and meow until you toss a treat onto the floor, then he'll run and slide after it and bat it around for about 5 minutes.
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It is too fun isn't it?

Trout gets hyper just before bed, and tears around the apartment slamming into walls
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Neffie will run down the hall and slide into the door at the other end chasing her mouse mouse. She's since learned that needs to slow down before the carpet ends or she will hit the door face first.
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Same thing happens here too Severino has so much hair on his feet he looks like he's doing the Moon-Walk
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When we first moved in, we thought about putting a crash pad at the bottom of the stairs. It's the first place we lived in that had stairs so Whitey's back legs would start to get ahead of his front legs, which those he would speed up.

He's gotten use to the stairs now.

Yes, he LOVES to slide on the floor. He even made Luna do it the other day when he was chasing her

I need a perminant camera.
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That's cute!!
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We have stained concrete downstairs and wood floors upstairs so lots of slipping and sliding going on. Jazz is hysterical to watch. He gets to full speed after a toy and slides right past it... then runs in place a bit before he is able to get going back the other way. I love it!
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Our kitties do that! But what's even better is when our huge dogs do it They look like two little doggies trying to run in the idetirod race (sp?) It's soooo funny! Fosters is forever slipping and sliding around the house
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I'll sometimes throw their toys for them to go after on purpose, just to see them sliding across the wooden floor...especially after a good waxing. It's just way too funny to watch!

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