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Daily Thread Monday Nov 12

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Well good morning friends!

Wow, I can't believe its Novembers 12th already! Its is almost December It is 14 degrees here today..rainy though. Tomorrow is supposed to be 12 and sunny

I started Christmas shopping on the weekend..which is so unlike me. I normally wait until December 15 or so It feels good to start early!

Done work at 3:30 today, back to my normal early Mondays..

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
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I had a great weekend, and i also shopped

It's only 3 degrees here today, and i'm sick of people coming into my office for a quick warm

Going grocery shopping tonight, then home to the kiddy winks
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Morning everyone!

I think I found a good gym to workout at. It's not too far from home (a mile maybe?) and it offers classes like pilates and kickboxing.

Last night was weird though...I basically fell asleep at 9:30 pm! I barely remember the start of American Dad and then the next thing I know they're reporting the news. I can't wait for my health insurance to kick in...I was feeling relaxed all weekend so I don't know why that happened.
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Good morning

Today I have to go to work again. Just like every other week day. How exciting!

I'm really trying to think of something special about today, but there's nothing.
Maybe I'll go get some groceries tonight. I have $20 worth of free groceries to spend, so I might do that. There. How's that for a captivating day?
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I hate this damp rainy grey weather. At least it's warm today and no snow is predicted anytime soon.
Tonight I plan on watching Heroes and snuggling my boys.
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14 there!!!! Oh my land, it's been unbelievably nice here in Iowa. 60 both today and yesterday!!!! I'm starting to think it's not even winter!

I'm driving down to visit my parents and ride my horse tonight!!! I'm excited!
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