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Bernard's Appetite

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Just had a bit of a strange weekend with our Bernie. He loves his food, we give him a bowl of dry and normally two Wiskas/Felix sachets throughout the day and these are normally all finished until the bowl is sparkling!!!

On Saturday we noticed that he hadn't really touched his Wiskas, but thought he might finish it when he came in. He didn't - just sniffed at it and wandered off, same with his dry food. Again we tried some different Wiskas in the evening, but again he just turned his nose up. His behaviour was a little skittish on Sat to be honest, being a rescue cat, he can be prone to bouts of anxiety. Sunday he still hadn't really touched any food, a little bit of dry perhaps. My partner and I thought it might be because he usually has his bowls by the door where he goes out and some other cat/fox might have startled and stressed him out. He doesn't seem ill, quite healthy - he was out on Sunday, miaowing well and looking very fit and well and bright eyed.

So last night we moved his food into the kitchen and this seemed to work, he started eating some of the moist and dry with a bit more gusto, but still not up to his usual levels. This morning he went for the dry food again, so at least his appetite's increasing a bit by day.

I'm just wondering whether this is a psychological thing as he seems fine otherwise (apart from lots of sleeping and skittishness on sat) - did he get scared by something, or did someone try and get in through his cat flap and eat his food, therefore making him anxious? Or maybe he simply doesn't like the Wiskas - it is one of the 'posher' types and he seems to prefer the gravy type. We're going to get him some Felix today and see what happens...

He did go the vet's last week, but that was last Tuesday and he had to stay in until Friday morning - this might have affected his mood (as it was a disruption in his routine) - but I'm unsure. He had an anti-biotic injection for his bites - could this affect appetite as it's a long working injection? But he hasn't shown signs of nausea, etc...?

Hopefully he'll be back to normal in the next few days, but being a loving mum of course I'm fretting a little bit!! Just wondered what this is all about?? Any suggestions welcome. back to the vets in a few days otherwise... :s

Sorry for rambling on so long!!
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Him being at the vet could of caused anxiety. But I also know that my cats are way more picky on what they will eat with wet food than dry. So I do think maybe he is not liking the flavor you are offering him?
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I think he was being anxious/fussy. He gobbled up all his Felix and dry food last night and then proceeded to have fun with a poor mouse from 6am. Always a nice sight to see your cat, bushy tail up with a mouse in his mouth - all 'look what I've done mummy' - first thing in the morning! So, we can safely say he's back to normal!
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