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Disinfecting after FIP

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As some of you may already know, I lost my 6 month old ragdoll kitten a little over a month ago from FIP. It was awful, anyone who has had a kitten die from it will agree. I spoke with the vet about getting another kitten. He assures me that as long as I disinfect everything it will be safe.
I have been cleaning ever since. I am soon ready to get another kitten maybe two this time. I have an 8 foot climber that I have sprayed three different weeks with bleach solution. I have taken apart my automatic litter box and soaked it for hours in a bleach solution. I purchased a carpet scrubber and scrubbed the entire house. I read that FIP is transmitted in poo and maybe saliva. I read that vacuming the floors and disinfecting the bowls bedding ect. is all that need to be done. I realize that poo is the main worry and that dried poo can be walked over the house as very small particles.
I realize the vet told me that the virus only lives for a few weeks in cat poo. But I am still very worried about getting another kitten. I am mainly worried about the litter box. Do you think it can ever be truely disinfected as it is the automatic kind? Should I unscrew the parts and spay the inner workings? I just loved having an automatic litterbox as it kept the litter so very clean. Even so I still changed the holding part twice a week. I would just toss it but it was fairly expensive. What would you do? Any where else I should clean? I threw all toys away. I spoke to a few people who got a kitten right away after theirs died from FIP but I have waited the length of time suggested on the net, I can't find anything about useing an automatic litter box over again.
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Just to be on the safe side, I would wait a little longer. I know of a person who had a cat pass from FIP, waited a month, then got a Bengal. They disinfected everything but the bengal they got eventually passed from FIP as well. The vets I work with recommend waiting about 6 months to ensure the safety of your next cat. Heres a link to info about the transmition of FIP:

I'm so sorry for the loss of your baby. I know nothing I can say will make it better. Just know that if you need someone to talk to... I'll be there to listen.
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FIP itself is not contagious. It is a mutation of the Coronavirus. Just about all cats have been exposed to the Coronavirus. So more than likely any new kitten/cat you get will have already been exposed to the Coronavirus. There is no way of knowing if a kitten/cat will develope FIP.

My veterinary book says the Coronavirus is no longer shed once it reaches the FIP stage. It also says the virus lives up to 3 weeks. The link above I believe said 6 weeks. I see no reason why you should not get another kitten.
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I would wait a bit longer ... just to be safe
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