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Jeanie G.

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I hope that you're happy. Last night, we let Rowdy stay in the bathroom, while we took a shower (we live in a desert and like to save water). She began with rolling up, in the rug, proceeded to throw Bill's shorts around (finally stuffing them into the crack under the door), plundering a box of cotton swabs and knocking hairbrushes and a razor off of the sink.

I was laughing, so hard, that I nearly took a tumble. That would have looked good, on the ER report: Patient slipped in shower, while watching cat trash bathroom.

To heck, with the Cat Police! Tonight, she gets banished. :LOL:
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Ah, but doesn't it feel good to be a good mommy and let Rowdy monitor the bathroom? No, I'm not laughing, Cindy! (I'm picturing the ambulance drivers listening to the story!)

For those who don't know, Cindy wouldn't let Rowdy in the bathroom for fear she would land in the shower with her. Tsk tsk! Now poor Rowdy is banished again. Don't blame me if you have to put her in therapy!

Saving water, huh? Riiiiiiiiight....
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LOL! Thanks for the laugh Cindy, I needed that!
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We're VERY water-concious, here in Arizona. Of course, it IS nice to have someone scrub your back.
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You won't let Rowdy stay?????????? Tsk Tsk!! Poor Rowdy you come stay with your cyber Aunty, she'll let you in the bathroom and you can sit on the sink whilst she brushes her teeth, and on her lap whilst she goes to the *ahem* and play with the rug and the empty toilet roll and what ever you want! Mean mummy you have!!!

And as for saving on water??? that would work if you didn't take twice as long LMAO!
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LOL! Glad you didn't hurt yourself!! But banished? Lazlo loves the bathroom so much - I can't imagine what it would be like around here if we didn't let him in!

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Why, Ed thinks the bathroom is his bedroom. After all, everyone else has a room. It's rather insulting to him, some of the things we do in "his" room. He has not given us permission. For shame.
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You know, the more I think about it, the more I think we should form a "teach Cindy a lesson" committee and give up this lovely, freezing, icy winter wonderland (a sacrifice, no doubt) and go down to Arizona to help Cindy with her kitty cat bathroom etiquette. Some of us will have to stay at a motel, I guess, and take turns helping Cindy and sitting in the sunshine--the beautiful, warm, nourishing sunlight----Oh, Huh? I was --um-concentrating on the problem and lost my train of thought for a minute there. Anyone up for the sacrifice?

Yes, Cindy. It is nice to have someone wash your back. I believe you--honestly! (Oh, yeah. )
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Well - we'll have to bring ALL the cats (inside and outside), but I'm game! ...you did say "sunshine," right? "warm" sunshine? Count us in!!

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Yep! Sunshine !

Warm weather, and the Lost Dutchman's goldmine, too!

And all for a good cause:
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Jeanie, I'm about 125 miles, from the Lost Dutchman but, we COULD park you, with Bill's sister, in Mesa. Lately, temps have been close to 80, every day.

Snowbird season is in full swing, as the Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show is cranking up. Someone has a triceratops, for sale, this year. Personally, I'm going for the shiny, purple rocks.

Note: There is only ONE bed, in this house. We DO have two sofas but, one of them is the dogs' bed and they don't move, easily.
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