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In around 4 hours I shall be sat in my first proper GCSE maths exam! I'm actually scared lol because I'm not too good at maths! I had 2 english exams last week and I think I might have totally fluffed it on the writing to describe.
Mind you I suppose the only good thing about having exams is that we get a whole day off school and just go in for the exams!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Don't want it!!

Just thought you might like to know!

From stressed-out Laura
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You'll be fine!

Let us know how you go!
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Well I guess its in about an hour now eh? Sending many calming vibes your way You will do just fine
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Thanks for the vibes

I suppose it was easy, which might mean I've got them wrong lol, but it started off with lower grade questions (like write three thousand and fifty eight in figures - duh easy lol) to higher grade questions (like expand and simplify (x+5)(x+2) but luckily that one's pretty easy

Thanks again peeps!

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Isn't it great when exams are over and done with?
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